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Ningqu International Co., Limited is kn95 face mask distributor of several kn95 mask manufacturers in China and you could sign contract with factory directly.Kn95 mask for sale to you,besides kn95 face mask,wsupplies types of medical products,such as kn95 respirator face mask,disposable medical face mask,disposable surgical face mask,disposable civilian products,hand sanitizer,protective visor,antibacterial hand sanitizer gel,detachable face shield,protective safety glasses,sterilized effervescent tablets coveralls, protective suit, goggle,disposable medical gloves,differents of medical equipment and medical items .We provide a lot of protective medical items with factory directly sales in good qualityWith CE and FDA certification,fast delivery.

We stock 100,000 pieces N95 protective medical mask(in China standard of GB19083) per week from factory.For kn95 masks in China standard of GB2626, there is quantity of 20,000 - 50,000 pieces can be shipped from factory on the day of order.

Due to all authorized face mask factories are almost in full production,one kn95 mask factory's remaining max production capacity is less than 500,000 pieces per day,therefore,It is extremly difficult to find a factory if your order quanttity is more than 5 million pieces. But a good price of a new order could make remaining max production capacity reach 500,000 pieces to 1,000,000 pieces per day,otherwise,new order need to be arrange production according to production plan.Anyway,we would help you to find the appropriate procut in reasonalbe price,please contact us for more infomation.

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