The Ever-Growing World of Activewear Wholesale

As with any industry, the activewear wholesale market is constantly growing. Many fitness enthusiasts are turning to athleisure clothing. It is expected to command a market value of $380 billion by 2022, growing by 3.68% CAGR.

Finding the Perfect Fit

This industry caters to a diverse variety of needs, but often, retailers don’t know where to turn to. They’re looking for the top activewear wholesale vendors to fit their specific needs.

Our Expertise, Your Advantage

Our ten-year experienced product sourcing team has compiled a list of the leading wholesale activewear suppliers to help you source their products effectively. These Activewear clothing manufacturers are great for finding clothes at excellent prices. They’re also beneficial when it comes to choosing the perfect activewear for your business.

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Activewear Wholesale Vendors


FASHIONLINE is a leading provider of women’s fashion apparel for retailers and wholesale customers. It has been providing customers with trendy outfits since 2002. You can buy clothes that are both fashionable and affordable.

2. Gym Clothes

Whether you’re into yoga, weight training, aerobics, tennis, or any other sports you like, you will get everything in Gym Clothes. They make the wholesale workout bulk buying process more manageable.

3. Fitness Clothing

It is one of the Payoneer wholesale athletic wear manufacturers in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Europe, and Saudi Arabia. The supplier offers different types of fitness clothing and accessories.


FITFEVER is my first supplier for athletic clothing products. I have ordered hundreds of pieces in the last two years. They are good in both the pricing and the QUALITY.

5. Original Fajas

Fajas is one of the leading manufacturers of wholesale workout clothes in China. They have over 20 years of experience in producing fajas products.

6. S&S Activewear

S&S Activewear provides a wide variety of men’s and women’s wholesale apparel to the trade, including men’s suits, dress shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, outerwear, and more.


ASTSW Sportswear manufacturer was established in 2010. They’re a professional custom manufacturer of wholesale workout clothes and related accessories.

8. Hucai Sportswear

Hucai company is a comprehensive enterprise with high technology level, professional management, and strict quality control. They provide comprehensive and complete design services for both national and international brands.

9. Tasha Apparel

At Tasha Apparel, they have created a fashion brand that provides a diverse collection perfect for any woman. Their clothing is designed for the active lifestyle and will complement your style and personality.

10. Alanic Clothing

This company offers a wide selection of stylish products that can be used by kids, teenagers, and adults. Their designs and concepts are so attractive that customers love to wear their clothes.

11. Blue Associates Sportswear

Blue associates aim to become one of the leading sustainable eco-friendly sports apparel wholesale suppliers worldwide.

12. Gymwear UK

For all the business owners from the UK, I used Gymwear UK. Their pricing is very low compared to other suppliers. The quality is REASONABLE.

How to Start Your Own Activewear Line

With consumers gravitating toward fitness and health in general, the activewear market is overgrowing. To compete with giants, you need to create something unique. Start with this advice, and you’ll have a better chance of success in your new business.

Step 1: Market Research

Creating a successful brand means being the expert in your niche, so learning about your target market is no better place to start.

Step 2: Market Segmentation

Once you understand your target demographic, you need to break it into different segments.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget

Now that you’ve determined your ultimate goal, figure out how much money you need to make that happen.

Step 4: Product Development

You should now start developing your activewear product. This means that you need to start brainstorming ideas and then develop the best ones.

Step 5: Create Your Store and Start Marketing

You’ve already started thinking about your store and brand identity. Now it’s time to begin thinking about how you’ll approach launching your business.

FAQs about Activewear Wholesale Vendors

1. What company is the market leader in women’s activewear?

It seems that Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are all competing to win over the ladies. Each one of them is known for making good-quality activewear.

2. How much does it cost to start an activewear brand?

The cost of starting a brand with marketing and sales will vary depending on how many items you are planning to sell. In general, creating a brand, along with marketing and sales, can cost anywhere from $1000-$30,000.

3. What sports brand is best?

A major manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel, Nike is one of the world’s biggest sports brands and a global supplier of athletic shoes and clothing.

4. What’s Next

We found that the number of activewear wholesalers has grown steadily in the last decade. So many new players are coming into the activewear wholesale business. With competition on all sides, you just need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, gain traction in the market, and differentiate your brand from the competition.

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