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Unlocking Alibaba MOQ: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you thinking of buying from Alibaba suppliers? Remember, there are limitations on purchasing the inventory—for example, Alibaba MOQ on the products. Our experts have more than ten years of experience and can instantly resolve MOQ problems on Alibaba. To resolve this issue, you need to land on serious suppliers offering low MOQ. I am continuously talking about MOQ. You might be wondering what MOQ is?

1) What is MOQ?

MOQ refers to minimum order quantity. An Alibaba supplier might put restrictions on the number of products to be purchased. For example, if a seller has a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces. By that means, you can order a minimum of 10 samples from that seller. It increases the safety of the trade and ensures the buyer is serious about buying inventory. There can be other goals to keep the MOQ on Alibaba.

2) Importance of MOQ

MOQ is quite essential for a dropshipping business. I check whether the supplier has a MOQ or low. It highlights the number of lowest products I can drop ship from the supplier. MOQ is quite essential when it comes to customized products. Sometimes, when the products are not available in stock, the seller keeps the MOQ to achieve the business targets. Here are the advantages of MOQ on Alibaba. It guarantees that the buyer is serious about purchasing the products and will receive them on time. Suppliers maximize their profit margins by keeping the MOQ. Sometimes, products are not available in stock. So, selling one by one can be a loss. So, the suppliers keep the minimum order quantity to level up profits.

3) How To Find Low MOQ Suppliers On Alibaba?

Is your favorite supplier keeping MOQ high? It is not a problem at all. Many reliable Alibaba suppliers have low MOQ. Here is a guide to exploring them.

Method 1:

It involves finding suppliers on Alibaba. Go to the search bar on the Alibaba product page. Apply filter for a minimum order of quantity. You will get a list of products with low MOQ from multiple wholesale distributors. I have IMPLEMENTED this process many times. Alibaba app offers the ultimate safety and ease to apply the filters and get the NO MOQ suppliers. I order one or two items as per my requirements.

Method 2:

You can try buying requests through Alibaba RFQ(request for quotation). You can upload your RFQ and let wholesalers bid on it.

4) How Do You Negotiate Low MOQ With Suppliers?

MOQ solely is not a problem. Usually, suppliers want to market their inventory, but they look for serious buyers. If someone meets their demands, they might ponder lowering the minimum order quantity to some extent. However, many cases confirm the lowering of MOQ on Alibaba correctly. Here are those cases.


Suppose a seller keeps the minimum order quantity of socks of 100 pairs per order. Your order is low at 40 pieces. So, how will you negotiate and convince the supplier to agree to your MOQ? Can you answer this? If not, no problem. Here are five cases to negotiate with the seller.

Case 1:

Talk to the supplier about your requirements and start that; our business is still in the development phase. We have limitations on the number of products for the market analysis. So, we want to purchase an inventory of 40 pieces for the market test. After the successful test and results, we indeed will move ahead with the big order of 100 pairs of socks. If the Alibaba suppliers say no, that’s not possible usually. You have other ways to express the problem and convince the supplier.

Case 2:

In the second, you can negotiate differently but with a professional tone. Here is how you can contribute: We usually test the product before launching product in the market. For this purpose, we need to go through the quality of the sampling, check the demands, and observe the customers’ reactions to the same product. If everything goes fine, we buy the higher quantities of products. So, can you lower the MOQ and make it 40 pieces? If yes, that would be the start of a long-term relationship. The supplier won’t say the No. If the supplier refuses, you can also try other ways to negotiate.

Case 3:

You can give it a third try with inventory negotiations with the supplier. You can say: Our previous experience with Chinese suppliers has not been great! So, before ordering any big amount of socks, we would like to make sure we landed at the right supplier. For this reason, we want you to do the 40 pairs of socks. Our short-term relationship could potentially convert into a long-term one if it goes well. What do you think about it? After that, the supplier might not refuse. If still, the manufacturer refuses to make the MOQ to 40 pairs, consider it a serious concern. So, you can try the following two cases.

Case 4:

Now, you can describe the concern in a better way. Talk to the supplier: We need to consider more oversized orders in the future. Our business is expanded over a more extensive scale enabling the high requirements for the products. If this order goes as expected, you can be one of our top suppliers. So, we would like to start with 40 pairs before ordering the 100 pairs of socks. Maybe this way of negotiations might work. If it doesn’t, you can try the following form.

Case 5:

Last but not least, you can talk to the supplier about your business strategy. Here is how you will negotiate: We spend a lot of money on business deals, such as marketing, designs, and product import. Since we have a business on a large scale, don’t you think it is a good idea to do business with us? Consider this issue and respond to us. Probably, you will get a positive response. That’s how you can negotiate with the Alibaba suppliers.

5) FAQs About Alibaba MOQ

Why does a supplier set an MOQ?

Minimum order quantity is an excellent step to differentiate a serious buyer from a time passer. So, a supplier sets up an MOQ to maximize profit on low ROI products. It helps Alibaba keep customized products.

How to finalize your minimum order quantity?

Sellers set the MOQ depending on various factors. It all points to the demand for that product, profit margins per piece, and, most importantly, the product customization. If you know about it, it is easy to set MOQ.

Is MOQ important for buyers also?

It tells the supplier’s authenticity to some extent. Moreover, if you are stuck purchasing the higher MOQ products, you can find similar products at lower MOQs and discuss them with the suppliers.

What will happen if your order doesn’t qualify for MOQ?

No problem. You have other ways to go. Do meticulous research or negotiate with the sellers to decrease their MOQ. This approach will make you purchase the products and qualify for lower MOQ.


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