Unveiling the Top Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the Philippines

When it comes to sourcing bulk wholesale clothing suppliers in the Philippines, the task can be as tricky as finding a needle in a haystack. We get it; you’re searching for the perfect combination of price, quality, experience, and reliability. The Philippines, known as the “Textile Capital,” offers a plethora of opportunities for clothing wholesalers. In this article, we’ll unveil the 12 leading clothing wholesale suppliers in the Philippines, backed by our ten years of sourcing experience.

Philippines Clothing Suppliers: A Hidden Gem

The Philippines, often overlooked in the global fashion scene, is a treasure trove of clothing suppliers. Manila, hailed as the “Textile Capital,” boasts a rich tradition of textile production. So, if you’re puzzled about where to source your clothing inventory, the Philippines is a golden opportunity waiting to be explored.

Wholesale Best Philippines Clothing: Quality Meets Affordability

Our journey through the Philippine wholesale market has been nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve discovered suppliers who combine quality and affordability like never before. But let’s not keep you waiting any longer; here are the top 12 bulk wholesale clothing suppliers in the Philippines.

Top 12 Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers In Philippines

1. Robi & Peach: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Robi & Peach is your one-stop destination for wholesale clothing that doesn’t break the bank. Their collection includes trendy outfits, ranging from jackets and cardigans to shirts and polos. Don’t be fooled by the term “wholesale price” – Robi & Peach keeps up with the latest fashion trends while maintaining affordability.

2. Lazada: The E-commerce Giant

Lazada, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has ventured into wholesale clothing in the Philippines. With an extensive range of products, including men’s and women’s clothing, electronic devices, and more, they’re revolutionizing the online wholesale landscape.

3. Kily Philippines: Your One-Stop Shop

Kily.ph is your go-to source for all things wholesale in the Philippines. They offer an array of products, from clothing to bags, gadgets, and accessories. It’s your customer-friendly, one-stop shop for all your wholesale needs.

4. Zilingo: Your B2B Partner

Zilingo is not just a wholesale platform; it’s a B2B technology solution. With them, you’ll experience 25% faster and 15% cheaper sourcing. You can buy, sell, and trade wholesale products directly from brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

5. Jeca Garments: Meeting Global Wholesale Needs

Jeca Garments caters to the wholesale clothing needs of both B2B markets and end consumers. They’re not limited to the Philippines; they serve a global audience with their wide range of products.

6. Zalora: Your Fashion Haven

Zalora is the ultimate online fashion store, offering everything from apparel to footwear, sportswear, children’s outfits, and accessories. Their international shipping policy makes them a standout choice.

7. Boardwalk: Network of Wholesale Products

Boardwalk is your go-to source for a wide variety of products at low prices. Their network also creates numerous employment opportunities.

8. WACOAL: Premium Intimate Apparel

Wacoal, a high-end brand, specializes in top-notch women’s intimate garments. They offer wholesale deals, and it’s worth noting that they’re a joint venture between Japanese Wacoal and a Filipino corporation.

9. Fabrica MNL: Customization Experts

Fabrica MNL is all about customization. They deliver products safely and securely, making them a reliable choice for wholesale clothing needs.

10. Apparelhaus Company: A Legacy of Experience

With 35 years of experience, Apparelhaus is a highly-qualified apparel company generating substantial revenue. They have a vast workforce and a track record of excellence.

11. Kamiseta: Fashion for All

Kamiseta is dedicated to making fashion accessible to everyone. With a vast range of products and international shipping, they’re a fantastic choice for wholesale clothing.

12. Cutton Garments: The Uniform Specialists

Cutton Garments specializes in school uniforms and offers customization. They act as an agent for all the mentioned trades.

Tips on Taking Your Wholesale Clothing Business to the Next Level

Starting a wholesale clothing business in the Philippines? Here are some valuable tips to ensure your success:

  • Contact the right suppliers who understand your needs.
  • Partner with companies that align with your mission.
  • Invest in marketing, including social media and SEO.

FAQs about Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Philippines

  1. Where can you sell clothes online? You can sell clothes online on platforms like Alibaba, Etsy, and eBay. Ensure you have the necessary licenses and a reliable source of products.
  2. What is the best cloth-selling app? Apps like ASOS Marketplace, Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, and ThredUp are excellent choices for selling clothes online.
  3. Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing? Yes, it’s legal to put your label on wholesale clothing, provided you adhere to labeling regulations.
  4. How do I find a clothing distributor or supplier for my wholesale range? Identify your specific needs and understand your industry’s distribution channels. Work with manufacturers who align with your requirements.
  5. Is selling clothes wholesale a good business? Absolutely! It’s a profitable venture with immense potential for success.

In Conclusion

The Philippines’ wholesale market is a hidden gem in the world of bulk clothing sourcing. The country’s rich culture and evolving fashion trends make it a hotspot for fashion retail. If you’re looking to start or expand your wholesale clothing business, the Philippines is an opportunity waiting to be seized.

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