Best 10 China Wedding Supplies Manufacturers: Your Gateway to Wedding Dreams

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are numerous details to consider, and one of the most critical is where to source your wedding supplies. China, known for its manufacturing prowess, is a goldmine for wholesale wedding supplies. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the best wedding supplies manufacturers in China, the top wedding suppliers in the US and the UK, and show you how to import these supplies with ease.

 Best 10 China Wedding Supplies Manufacturers

When planning your special day, you want the best wedding supplies, and these ten manufacturers in China are your best allies in making your dreams come true.

1. Qingdao Golden Handicraft Co, Ltd.

  • Your Dream Wedding Awaits
    • Located in Shandong, China, Qingdao Golden Handicraft Co, Ltd. is a reputable wedding accessories manufacturer that started in 2017. Despite their relatively short history, they’ve made a name for themselves in the wholesale industry.
  • Main Products
    • With a vast collection of wedding decor items, including artificial flower parts, garlands, and more, they cater to various market demands.
  • Why Choose it?
    • Excellent customer service and a high response rate make them a trusted partner for bulk orders.

2. Toprex Festival Decoration Group

  • Lighting up Your Special Day
    • Based in Guangdong, China, this supplier has been in the business for 17 years, specializing in LED lights for wedding decoration. Their quality exceeds international standards.
  • Main Products
    • From arch motifs to 3D sculptures, they offer a wide range of long-lasting and functional LED motif lighting.
  • Why Choose it?
    • Their commitment to customer satisfaction and a 4.7-star rating speak volumes about their dedication to quality.

3. Shanghai Hou Zhen Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Adding Elegance to Every Occasion
    • This leading trading supplier in Shanghai offers a variety of wedding accessories, unique gifts, and event decorations with an emphasis on product quality and affordability.
  • Main Products
    • From personalized gifts to handmade invitation cards, they have it all to make your wedding special.
  • Why Choose it?
    • Exceptional customer service, quick responses, and a high star rating make them a go-to for wedding supplies.

4. Henan Gaojian Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Your Source for Acrylic Elegance
    • With over a decade of experience, Henan Gaojian Industrial Co., Ltd. is a trusted name for acrylic products and wedding accessories.
  • Main Products
    • Their acrylic boxes, sheets, and wedding supplies can be customized, catering to the Middle East, South America, and North America markets.
  • Why Choose it?
    • Quality and safety are their priorities, and their high response rate speaks of their reliability.

5. Qingdao Flowery Crafts Co., Ltd.

  • Blossom into Your Perfect Wedding
    • A professional manufacturer of artificial flowers, this Shandong-based supplier has been delighting customers since 2011.
  • Main Products
    • Offering a variety of flowers and gorgeous backdrops, they export their products globally, ensuring quality every step of the way.
  • Why Choose it?
    • Their verified status and high response rate make them a reliable choice for your wedding decor needs.

6. Yiwu Youyou Import And Export Co., Ltd.

  • Where Bridal Dreams Come True
    • Yiwu Youyou Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a trusted supplier of bridal jewelry based in Zhejiang, China.
  • Main Products
    • They offer an extensive range of elegant fashion jewelry, bridal hair accessories, wedding veils, and more.
  • Why Choose it?
    • They prioritize quality, and their prompt customer service ensures customer satisfaction.

7. Xiamen Yu-Touch Import and Export Co., Ltd.

  • Bagging Your Wedding Memories
    • Based in Fujian, China, this wholesale bag manufacturer specializes in wedding bags and gift packaging.
  • Main Products
    • Their extensive collection includes ribbons, mesh bags, jute shopping bags, organza bags, and more.
  • Why Choose it?
    • With their focus on integrity, they’ve gained a good reputation in the industry, with a high response rate and positive reviews.

8. Yiwu Easy Source Jewelry Co., Ltd.

  • Unlocking Bridal Elegance
    • Yiwu Easy Source Jewelry Co., Ltd. is your one-stop supplier for bridal jewelry and wedding accessories based in Zhejiang, China.
  • Main Products
    • They offer a wide range of wedding jewelry, including bridal headpieces, wedding sashes, and more.
  • Why Choose it?
    • Their focus on quality and customer-friendly approach makes them a top choice for bridal accessories.

9. Aulobao Events Furniture Co., Ltd.

  • Sculpting Your Wedding Dreams
    • Aulobao Events Furniture Co., Ltd. in Guangdong specializes in manufacturing wedding furniture, known for their high-quality items.
  • Main Products
    • Their eye-catching furniture collection is perfect for making your wedding day truly special.
  • Why Choose it?
    • With a focus on quality and a team that’s always available, they’ve garnered a strong reputation in the industry.

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Final Thoughts on Wholesale Wedding Supplies from China

In this guide, we’ve explored the best wedding supplies manufacturers in China and how to import them. Your dream wedding is closer than you think with these top-notch suppliers by your side.



FAQ 1: How can I contact these wedding supplies manufacturers in China?

  • Each manufacturer’s contact details are provided in the article. Simply click on the provided links to get in touch.

FAQ 2: Are these suppliers suitable for both small and large wedding orders?

  • Yes, most of these suppliers are capable of handling both small and large orders.

FAQ 3: Do these suppliers provide custom wedding supplies?

  • Many of them offer customization options, so you can tailor your wedding supplies to your specific needs.

FAQ 4: Can I trust these Chinese suppliers for wedding supplies quality?

  • Yes, the suppliers listed are reputable, with high-quality standards and positive customer feedback.

FAQ 5: Are there any additional costs involved in importing wedding supplies from China?

  • Importing may involve additional costs such as shipping, customs fees, and taxes. Be sure to research these factors when planning your import.

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