Los Angeles Clothing Wholesalers

1. LA Fashion District

The LA Fashion District is a haven for fashion enthusiasts. With over 2,000 wholesale businesses, it’s a paradise for fashion importers and online business owners. Whether you’re seeking clothing, accessories, or home items, this district has it all. The quality and pricing here are top-notch, making it an ideal supplier.

2. LA Showroom

Looking for trendy and unique designs? The LA Showroom is your go-to place. It’s the leading online fashion wholesale clothing marketplace, where you can easily promote your merchandise. The customer service team is always ready to assist, and they even offer personalized email campaigns and professional fashion photography services.

3. Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond is a powerhouse in the men’s wholesale fashion industry. They’ve expanded to offer women’s and kids’ wear. From shirts to formal wear, they’ve got it all. Their commitment to excellent customer service sets them apart.

4. Orange Shine

Orange Shine is a marketplace for wholesale merchants to sell directly to consumers. With over 700 suppliers releasing new products daily, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Their focus on connecting buyers and sellers and offering competitive pricing makes them unique.

5. The Clothing Company

The Clothing Company has been a part of Los Angeles’s fashion scene since 1991. They prioritize comfort and versatility in their clothing. From tops to rompers, their trendy apparel comes at affordable prices.

6. Peach Love California

Peach Love California offers fashionable dresses at affordable prices. Their clothes are made from quality materials, and they have a wide variety of printed clothes with unique patterns and designs. Their customer service is exceptional, making customization a breeze.

7. Mad For Love

Buying fashionable clothes from a reputable company is a must. Mad For Love, with over 20 years in the industry, is a trusted clothing supplier. They know their customers well and strive to provide the best products at reasonable prices.

8. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel stands out with its incredible selection of designs and trendiest styles. Their comfortable and stylish clothes are made from quality fabric. You can find their products in branded stores, boutiques, and online fashion websites.

9. Tyche

Tyche is one of the best wholesale clothing distributors. They offer high-quality, comfortable, and affordable women’s clothing. Their pricing is competitive, making it a great opportunity for profit.

10. Wishlist Apparel

Wishlist Apparel is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of apparel, from dresses to pants. Their high-quality, stylish, and functional clothes are available at great prices. You’ll find a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

11. Adora Apparel

Adora Apparel, established in 2010, is known for providing affordable, high-quality women’s clothing. They aim to help women dress well at a low cost, with professional customer service and a straightforward return policy.

12. J.NNA Clothing

J.nna is a well-known wholesale women’s clothing brand in America. They offer high-quality, comfortable, and stylish casual wear. Their website provides detailed information about their clothes and prices, along with excellent customer support.

How to Start Your Own Apparel Brand in Los Angeles?

When starting your own clothing brand in Los Angeles, it’s crucial to have a clear vision and the right approach. You can either work with private label dropshipping suppliers or create your website, source products from wholesale vendors, and build your brand identity. Branding is key to your success in the competitive fashion industry.

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