Exploring the ‘Made in Taiwan’ Phenomenon

A Deep Dive into Taiwan’s Manufacturing Excellence and Global Reach

In the heart of East Asia, Taiwan stands tall as a thriving commercial hub, often referred to as one of the “Four Tigers of Asia.” This article delves into the fascinating world of ‘Made in Taiwan’ products, their evolution, and the top manufacturing companies driving Taiwan’s success.

Development of Made in Taiwan

The Remarkable ‘Taiwan Economic Miracle’

Taiwan’s journey towards becoming a manufacturing powerhouse has been nothing short of miraculous. Aptly named the ‘Taiwan Economic Miracle,’ its economy and industrialization have experienced rapid growth since the mid-20th century. But that’s not all; Taiwan’s exceptional handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and sustained economic growth in 2020 and 2021 have further solidified its status as a manufacturing giant.

Made in Taiwan Products

Diving into Taiwan’s Exports

Taiwan’s exports reached a staggering $347.2 billion in 2021, and the range of products is impressive. Let’s take a look at the top 10 ‘Made in Taiwan’ exports:

  1. Electrical machinery and equipment: $174.6 billion
  2. Machinery like computers: $44.8 billion
  3. Plastics: $18.6 billion
  4. Technical tools, optical, and medical apparatus: $16.8 billion
  5. Vehicles, including bicycles: $10.1 billion
  6. Iron and steel: $7.5 billion
  7. Organic chemicals: $7.2 billion
  8. Iron and steel articles: $7.1 billion
  9. Mineral fuels like oil: $6.2 billion
  10. Copper: $4.1 billion

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies

The Powerhouses Behind ‘Made in Taiwan’

Taiwan is home to some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies. Here are the top 10:

  1. Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Products: Mobile handsets, computers, and more
    • Address: 66-1, Chung Shan Rd., New Taipei City
  2. Pegatron Corporation
    • Products: Notebook PCs, mobile phones, and more
    • Address: 76, Ligong St., Taipei City
  3. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TSMC)
    • Products: Semiconductor chips
    • Address: Li-Hsin Rd., Hsinchu City
  4. CPC Corporation
    • Products: Oil and petrochemical products
    • Address: Songren Rd., Taipei City
  5. Quanta Computer Inc.
    • Products: Network servers, electronics, and IT products
    • Address: Wenhua 2nd Rd., Taoyuan City
  6. Compal Electronics Inc.
    • Products: Notebook PCs, displays, and more
    • Address: Ruiguang Rd., Taipei City
  7. Wistron Corporation
    • Products: PCs, networking systems, and more
    • Address: Hsin Ann Road, Hsinchu City
  8. Formosa Petrochemical Corporation
    • Products: Petroleum and petrochemicals
    • Address: Formosa Plastic Industrial Park, Yunlin
  9. Inventec Corporation
    • Products: PCs, wireless communication, and more
    • Address: Hou-Kang St., Taipei City
  10. Inventec Appliances Corporation
    • Products: Communication and network appliances
    • Address: Wugong 5th Rd., New Taipei City

Made in Taiwan Vs. Made in Mainland China

A Comparative Analysis

When it comes to ‘Made in Taiwan’ versus ‘Made in Mainland China,’ several key factors come into play:

  1. Industrial Specialization: Taiwan focuses on specific industries, while Mainland China excels in producing a wide range of consumer goods.
  2. Manufacturing Cost: Taiwan’s higher minimum wage contributes to higher manufacturing costs compared to Mainland China.
  3. Productivity: Taiwan boasts significantly higher productivity, with its labor force producing faster and maintaining better quality.
  4. Supply Chain Networks: Mainland China’s vast supply chain network provides cost-effective goods, while Taiwan’s production clusters are smaller in scale.
  5. Raw Materials: Taiwan faces limitations in sourcing raw materials, making them potentially pricier, whereas Mainland China benefits from easy access to cheap resources.


What are the shipping methods for Taiwan imports?

Importers can choose from express, sea, or air shipping, depending on their needs. Each option offers unique advantages, from speed to cost-effectiveness.

Can you tell me about the import duty from Taiwan?

Taiwan imposes import duties ranging from 0% to 30%, with an average of 6.25%. Goods valued under 3000 TWD enjoy tax exemptions, and a 5% sales tax is charged based on CIF.

What is the required documentation to export ‘Made in Taiwan’ goods?

Importers must provide a commercial invoice with the import license number, CIF value, and freight insurance details. Additionally, a packing list and bill of lading are required for customs clearance.

What are the payment methods that Taiwan’s suppliers accept?

Taiwan’s suppliers offer various payment methods, including card payments like credit and debit cards, as well as digital payment options such as WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, and LinePay.

Final Thoughts

Taiwan is a treasure trove of quality ‘Made in Taiwan’ products, spanning a wide range of industries. Whether you’re in search of electronics, machinery, or even food products, Taiwan has it all. With a history of exporting to countries worldwide, Taiwan stands as a reliable partner for businesses seeking top-notch products and seamless transactions.

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