Black Friday Deals: Choosing the Best Private Label Hoodies for Your Brand

Black Friday deals are FAST approaching. Be sure you’re picking out the right private-label hoodies to put your company’s name on.

The options are numerous, so how do you choose the best one?

We know you’re a busy person. Don’t have much time to hunt for the best private-label clothes around.

Here’s some help!

Our sourcing experts share 5 TOP private-label hoodie manufacturers. Get the quality product you deserve, at the price you need, with minimal hassle.

Let’s jump right into the topics.

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Top 5 Private Label Hoodies Manufacturers

  1. Hongyu Apparel
  2. Poshmark
  3. Apliiq
  4. Alibaba
  5. Royal Apparel

How do you find private-label hoodie manufacturers?

FAQs about Private Label Hoodies

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1. Hongyu Apparel

Hongyu Apparel specializes in custom-made clothing. They offer READY designs for wholesalers and private-label clothing. Also, develop clothing for fashion brands. The company makes t-shirts, custom hoodies, pajamas, swimwear, hats, caps, streetwear, and dresses. You also get printed hoodies and unisex hoodies here.

For sample development, they take 3-5 days. The sample fee for each piece is $50, which is quite cheap compared to other manufacturers I have done business with. And because this amount is REFUNDABLE if you order more than 100 pieces. They are the one-stop for any of your private-label clothing lines.


  • The professional team will assist you in creating a customized design. Create your own clothing line that is fresh AND unique.
  • Sample development takes only 3-5 days. No need to wait a long time.
  • They offer low MOQ. The special quality control team takes care of everything. It reduces inventory risks.


  • The options for fabric are not huge. You have to pick from only 4 options.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is a very APPROACHABLE and easy-to-use platform. Almost all high-end and popular brand products are available on this website.

This company has all sorts of items for men, women, and kids. They offer you both buying and selling options.

They have a huge collection of products from which you find your preferred items. After selecting the item, you ask for personalization. They will style the product as per your requirements. Your order will arrive at your doorstep in just two days.


  • The PROCESS is easy and simple. This saves you time and effort.
  • Products arrive in just two days after ordering. Delivering to your customers within a short time will increase your brand loyalty.
  • You even sell your personalized items. It helps you MAKE your brand name in the market.


  • You have limited options in terms of private labeling. So, you can’t have the diverse offer of a clothing line.

3. Apliiq

Apliiq offers print-on-demand services for private labeling. They have a variety of products from which you can pick one.

You have to send them your logo design in png or jpg format. They do the rest. You buy one piece of label or order a bundle. It’s up to you. However, the first ten label tags are completely free for you.

You easily increase your brand value with a wide range of clothing. Creating your own line of private hoodies is very easy.


  • They manufacture premium label tags. Which helps you create your brand.
  • Every item is cost-effective. You can offer your products at a lower price than your competitors.
  • You can order as per your need. So, don’t worry about bulk buying that reduces your investment.
  • Do dropship in over 100 countries around the world. It helps you reach out to more clients. You send products directly to your customers from them.


  • Their Performance is a bit slow. It can be frustrating to wait.

4. Alibaba

Alibaba is a well-known Chinese company that helps you build your private label brand. They have many elite suppliers. You get almost any niche that crosses your mind. Some suppliers offer low MOQ with great pricing.

Check the product description and the reviews to find your preferred supplier. They use diverse fabrics like cotton, polyester, wool, linen, etc.


  • Finding a reliable supplier is extremely easy. It gives you the security to order from a foreign company.
  • You find high-quality products at reasonable pricing. It helps you increase the profit margin.
  • The ordering procedure is very easy. With just a few clicks, you can order any item that saves you precious time.
  • They also provide dropshipping services with your logo. So, no need to worry about inventory.


  • Sudden market saturation can happen anytime.

5. Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is a New York-based company that makes organic apparel. All of their products are made organically. They make tees, shirts, bottoms, activewear, and so many other clothing items for men, women, and kids.

Get cozy and soft hoodies that are a great option for any business. Their all-in-one, direct-to-garment embroidery system guarantees reliability, precision, and consistency.

Create an account to place your order. They also offer a 30-day refund policy. The wholesale products are reasonable, and they offer lucrative sales as well.


  • Offer a massive variety of clothing items. Opportunities to expand with new items.
  • They produce exceptional organic goods. These items are sure to be a hit with your customers.
  • One thing that I really appreciate about this manufacturer is the free shipping services they occasionally provide to their business partners. It will minimize your production cost and increase your profit.
  • They provide wide colors of clothing, size charts, fabric information, and customization. So, you can design your product as you want.


  • The products are a little pricy. But worth every dime.

How do you find private-label hoodie manufacturers?

Finding the proper manufacturer is vital to start a successful brand. Here are some top tips for finding the right private-label hoodie manufacturers.

Tips1: Search Online for manufacturers

The best way to find a manufacturer is online because you will get many options. Many companies have their own website so that you can learn about them. Checking their website reviews is always my go-to tip for new businesses. This is how we get a first-hand impression of their customer experiences. Search for a company that has a good reputation in the market. Try to avoid those companies that have no website and only operate locally.

Tip2: Do Your Research about the wholesalers

You must check the manufacturer’s reviews and feedback. If they have a high volume of satisfied customers, it’s a solid bet. That means they get your product to you on time. This is vital since you don’t want to buy something that will let you down in the future. Also, check out their social media profiles.

Tips3: Ask for a product Sample

Don’t waste money on a useless product. Try before you buy by requesting a free sample. A great way to find a product that meets your expectations. It is an ideal way to check out the quality of the product. Once you receive the product, you should check the materials, size, and color.

Tips4: Read thoroughly about their policies

Ask questions to protect your business and benefits in the long run. Such as

  • What are their customer service policies?
  • How long does it take to receive your order?
  • What does their shipping cost?
  • Are their return policies available?

Tip5: Negotiate the price before buying

So, you got a reliable hoodie manufacturer; it is time to discuss the price. You ask them to lower the price or offer some discount. The manufacturer might not agree to your request. However, you can negotiate a better deal on the budget.

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Ningqu helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Private Label Hoodies

Which market is best for private labels?

Private label businesses have a lot of potential in the clothing market. The discovery of a new, distinctive brand is a thrilling experience for consumers. They are constantly looking for the newest styles in t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, etc.

Can you do a private label without a brand registry?

Yes, You may advertise things on Amazon without registering your brand. But doing so exposes you to risks. Your competitors can counterfeit copies of your products. And you can’t take any action about that!

Does Amazon allow private sellers?

Yes, Amazon allows private sellers. However, The answer varies by kind of item, market, and manufacturer. Certain product categories are available to all sellers. In contrast, others need a Professional seller account. Yet others do not allow items from third-party sellers at all.

Why are private labels so successful?

Because they create a distinct identity for their goods. Their originality and affordability make them a great buy. They also have a good reputation because customers trust their brand.

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