Your Ultimate Guide to Private Label T-shirts


Do you need clarification about choosing the BEST-SELLING PRIVATE LABEL t-shirt? Having your apparel line requires quality custom clothing. Don’t know which private labeling manufacturer to choose? Ningqu has more than a DECADE OF EXPERIENCE with t-shirts selling brands. We are sharing our research and experience to help add style to your brand.

Private Label T-shirt

To source bulk orders of quality private-label clothing, read this article. Continue to read and create your brand to sell printed suits or quality fabric shirts.

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Top 6 Private Label T-shirts Manufacturers

  2. Scrappy Apparel
  3. TS Designs
  5. Made In China
  6. HKTDC

How do you start a private label T-shirt business?

Have you ever dreamed of skyrocketing your sales? TS Designs has a history of helping clothing businesses with quality products. Choose them to create your own private-labeling product line. Making more revenue per month is what you’ll get.


  • They follow certain measurements and rules for custom neck labels.
  • For each country where you sell, TS Designs gives a particular label.
  • They offer bulk orders with less production time.


  • They have more requirements for MOQ.

Want to be the biggest private-label shirt seller? Global sources is an affordable and excellent t-shirt manufacturer helping businesses grow. You own a high-selling brand with Globalsources, making more money. You add tags to the package and start selling.


  • They provide top-quality t-shirts at affordable prices.
  • Global sources ensure all suppliers get registered.
  • With them, you sell the t-shirts by adding your business logo.


  • Choosing a reliable supplier on Globalsources may be difficult for beginners.

Made In China

Made In China has experience in sourcing bulk t-shirt orders. Do you want to add a huge clothing quantity to your inventory? They will help. With quality fabric apparel, they make your business top-selling.


  • You get MEI-awarded t-shirts on their website.
  • They offer custom products to match your business model.
  • Low prices than OTHER suppliers.


  • Some buyers complain about non-professional suppliers.


Tired of getting customer complaints due to poor-quality shirts? HKTDC knows what it takes to make your customers happy. Get the outclass soft fabric shirts from them, paying less. You see your business rocking with their manufacturers.


  • They have an advanced filter option on their website.
  • You get cheap prices from their suppliers.


How do you start a private label T-shirt business?

We have gathered essential things involved in starting a private-label shirt brand.

  1. Plan The Roadmap

Make notes on a page about what to sell, where, and how. Add details to each part to ensure you have a clear map to success. Think about what you must not do, and write the points in bold, so you don’t forget them.

  1. Register Your Business Name

Register your business name from authentic sources as a sole proprietor. Avoid paying high taxes on non-registered brands. Once registered, you print it on your packaging to enhance business.

  1. Source From Reliable Supplier

Search on Google for the best shirt suppliers after creating a brand. Want an ultimate shortcut that we’ve been using for a decade? Ask for recommendations from business owners that you know. Shortlist the suppliers, focus on their details and then choose one. You also take quotes from different suppliers to get an affordable price.

  1. Start Selling

Create an account on eBay, Amazon, or any other platform to start selling. Creating a personal website also be a life-changing decision. You also add custom products. Print your logo on a custom private label shirt, create listings and start selling.

FAQs about Private Label T-shirt

Is private labeling hard?

No, it’s time-consuming but not complicated. You must source, manage quality, and ship products to your customers. With an experienced souring organization like Ningqu, things get even easier for you.

Is it cheaper to print your label?

No. It costs more than selling a non-branding product. You need to pay for branding by adding labels to products. But the fact is, you also make more money printing your clothing label.

Do you have to pay for shipping if you print your label?

Yes, you still pay for shipping. Yet you reduce your shipping costs for the clothing business. Choose a sourcing brand that also ships your products worldwide.

Is private labeling worth it on Amazon?

Yes, you make a high revenue each month. Learn about the details of selling on Amazon. It’s a colossal market chosen globally to buy customized products. Market your products on Amazon to have more revenue.

What’s Next

Private-label custom apparel holds high business value. You can have a consistent brand with a customer-oriented mission statement. Focus on the branding of your brand to have more sales. Showcase your brand products, and make more sales every month.

Want to source bulk quantity excellent features t-shirts? We help with fulfilling your custom apparel orders. Send us a quote to start a private labeling brand.

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