Private Label Wholesale Clothing: Find the Perfect Supplier

Are you ready to embark on the journey of building your own private label wholesale clothing brand? Look no further than Ningqu! With a decade of experience, we are your one-stop brand solution. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about private label clothing, from sourcing to branding and shipping. Let’s get started on the path to success!

Sourcing Private Label Wholesale Clothing

Your Journey Begins Here

For private-label products, sourcing from suppliers, branding, and shipping is crucial. Is your goal to drop these processes and create a successful garments brand? Ningqu has a decade of experience, making us a one-stop brand solution. You’ll find the right suppliers to build your private label wholesale clothing brand. Excited to start the journey? Let’s move on.

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When it comes to private label clothing, quality is everything. We’re here to help you find the best private label clothing for your brand.

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Top 6 Private Label Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Explore the top 6 private label wholesale clothing suppliers that can take your brand to the next level.

1. FashionGo

FashionGo supplies women’s clothing to retailers. Maintaining the quality of the fabric helps you bring more customers. You should choose them if you are a private label brand for women’s clothing.


  • Verified products and suppliers are available from them. The product can still return if unsatisfactory.
  • Offering a WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS gives you more options. Your customers can choose from a variety of products.
  • To ensure the highest quality, their team works on it with efficiency.


2. LA Showroom

Need an all-in-one clothing wholesale supplier? LA Showroom sources men’s and women’s clothing. They have expertise in supplying top-selling apparel to retailers. Choose them and earn high revenue with more sales.


  • The site contains all registered suppliers. This helps to provide you with authentic clothing products.
  • It provides LOW-MOQ white-label products. This prevents you from having to buy bulk products as a new retailer.
  • They offer high profits on meager investments with their extensive market experience.


  • Their CUSTOMER SUPPORT is the only place where you can get pricing information.

3. MX Wholesale

MX wholesale has a well-known market reputation among wholesale clothing brands. Are you excited to hit start your private label business? They had helped many boutique owners to settle their businesses. MX wholesale has a considerable variety of private-label clothing line.


  • They offer more variety of private labels wearable accessories. You add more products to your catalog, ATTRACTING MORE CUSTOMERS.
  • Deliveries have a short transit time. You will receive your bulk order within a few working days.
  • With this private-label clothing, you can access your best-selling items all year long.


  • There is a limited time for product exchange.

4. Global Sources

Global sources is a reputable B2B marketplace with hot offers for new retailers. Global sources has been serving people for years because of its focus-driven management. They have made their own brand name with impeccable production. You pick from a variety of private-label products at the company. Make sure you check out their clothes before buying.


  • With Global Sources, you can place orders minutes after installing their APPLICATION. And they respond to YOUR queries in no time.
  • You learn about their services by watching their VIDEO ON DEMAND service.
  • They source best-selling clothing to retailers at HIGH MARGINS, so YOU get 2X profit.


  • Some FAKE suppliers charge high sample fees.


With a HIGH STANDARD OF QUALITY, HKTDC provides one of the best in-house designers. Want to establish your clothing brand? Supply from them for quick selling clothing products. They ensure quality, design, and reasonable prices.


  • A filter option on their website to help you find what you’re looking for. This SAVES YOU TIME spent searching for your desired clothing.
  • With their HIGH-QUALITY products, you will increase sales by 61%. They have maintained a quality control system.
  • An ANALYSIS DASHBOARD is available 24/7 for backend performance. You can check out what’s coming in and going out.


  • They NEED TO PROVIDE MORE INFORMATION about OEM and ODM on their website.

6. Made in China

They bring together the most prominent suppliers and buyers in China. Private label supplier Made in China has been serving the market for years. By providing a valuable supply chain, they ensure store brands’ success.


  • Clothing tailors to your business model and caters to your customers’ needs.
  • This site sells only high-quality products. They have MEI-awarded products that you can trust.
  • You choose from a HUGE variety of products. The company has more than 42,000 clothing products based on your niche market.


  • Due to the website’s open platform, unauthentic suppliers may pose a problem for you.

How do you find a supplier for your clothing line?

Looking for an excellent supplier for your clothing line? Follow these steps to find the perfect fit for your business.

1: Attending Trade Shows

Keep an eye on any trade shows in your city or other countries. Research on the internet about trade shows to find suppliers for private-label clothing. Such trade shows provide an opportunity to meet suppliers of clothes. Sometimes you also get a chance to communicate with other private-label clothing sellers. This helps you know more about suppliers.

2: Go Through Directories

Research online to find the directories of different cities. Go through the directories and find the clothing suppliers for private-label clothing. This is a time-taking task yet free of cost with 100% results. But you may need more information about suppliers in a directory. Once you find a supplier, research them on the internet.

3: Internet

Browse through different search engines with a relatable keyword. This is the best way to find a private-label clothing supplier. You have the opportunity to see countless suppliers with complete information about them. You also check reviews by other retailers. This helps you understand the particular supplier.

4: Social Media

Use different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Research the clothing groups to find out the suppliers. You must research them from other sources to check their reliability.

5: Ask People In Industry

Contact people in a similar industry to find suppliers. It’s a time taking yet, difficult task, but still reliable.

FAQs about Private Label Wholesale Clothing

Can I put my label on wholesale clothing?

Yes. But you cannot customize the product according to your desire. You use the same product from the supplier, adding your logo.

Can I buy directly from manufacturers?

Yes, you can. But you need to put more effort into that. Some manufacturers are available online, while some in factories. But with manufacturers, you can have slight changes to the original product.

What clothing is the highest in demand?

It depends on the area and culture. With a change in country, city, and continent, clothing demands change. There are several high-demand clothing items:

  • Skirts
  • Jumpsuits
  • Tropical prints
  • Casual hoodies

What is wholesale clothing?

You get bulk clothing at a low cost to sell with added profit. You sell wholesale clothing with a private-label brand. This helps you create your brand identity.

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