Best Wholesale AirPod Cases – Your Guide to Top Suppliers

Are you tired of sifting through countless AirPod cases wholesale suppliers online, only to be met with fake reviews and the risk of fraud? If you have no prior experience in dealing with the global market, this can be a daunting task. But fear not, as our sourcing team has done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve compiled a list of reputable and affordable wholesale AirPod cases dealers. No more painful experiences in finding fire-resistant and durable wholesale electronics; we’ve got you covered!

AirPod Cases Wholesale Suppliers: Your Best Picks


Icellway boasts a diverse network of AirPod case production, specializing in Bluetooth headsets. Gamers will love their fast-charging and noise-canceling technology. You can even partner with them for OEM/ODM services to meet your brand’s requirements.


  • Low prices, ideal for new users
  • All accessories available at sale prices
  • Fast lead time and worldwide shipping


  • Price and MOQ information may require direct contact

2. is our top pick for customized wholesale AirPod cases production. They offer top-tier customer service and accommodate various budget needs. You can choose between OEM and ODM, and they provide a sample of the AirPod case before bulk production.


  • Low MOQ, perfect for startups
  • Sample before bulk production
  • Shipping to 30+ countries


3. Factory Direct

Factory Direct is known for its easy buyer policies and 100% quality testing. They provide a direct price from the factory, partner with verified suppliers, and offer secure payment options.


  • SSL encrypted platform for payment security
  • 6-month warranty for all products
  • Variety in stock and shipping to 60 countries


  • Limited options selection after adding products to the cart
  • Refunds or exchanges not applicable after 30 days


HKTDC is your one-stop shop for versatile product categories. They’ve gained immense popularity due to their durable materials and user-friendly website.


  • Filter options for efficient research
  • Multi-lingual site for a global reach


  • Quotation requests may take time

5. Global Sources

Global Sources is a reliable and price-competitive source for wholesale AirPod cases. They connect you with industry-leading suppliers and provide valuable information on each supplier’s response time, services, experiences, and lead time.


  • MOQ-free shopping
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Some unverified listings may exist
  • New reviews for suppliers like Alibaba

How to Buy AirPods Cases in Bulk from China

So, you’ve decided to buy AirPod cases in bulk from China. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Tip 1: Check Google Start by searching for the best wholesalers on Google. However, this can be time-consuming. We’ve already compiled a list of reliable dealers to save you time and effort.

Tip 2: Facebook Marketplace and Trade Shows You can explore Facebook and trade shows for wholesalers, but authenticity isn’t guaranteed. Consider working with a third-party eCommerce company for professional assistance.

Tip 3: Get Quotations Once you’ve chosen your favorite wholesaler, it’s time to get a quotation. This can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, so consider contacting an eCommerce agency like Ningqu for a quicker response.

FAQs about AirPod Cases Wholesale

1. Where is the cheapest country to buy AirPod cases?

2. Can I sell replicas on eBay?

3. Are replicas illegal?

  • Yes, purchasing and selling replicas is illegal and can result in penalties and business license cancellation.

4. Is it worth selling AirPod cases?

  • Absolutely, as the demand for AirPods continues to grow with the digital age, selling AirPod cases can generate significant revenue.

5. How can Ningqu help with my import business?

  • Contact us to save research time and get quality assurance for your bulk AirPod purchase, ensuring a successful import business.

In Summary

Don’t waste your time on unreliable AirPod cases wholesale suppliers. Choose from our list of top suppliers in China and get the best deals for your business. If you want to succeed in the import business, take the time to do your research and work with trustworthy wholesalers who can provide valuable guidance. Contact Ningqu for a seamless import experience.

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