The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Slides: Top Suppliers and Tips

We understand digging up the exceptional wholesale slides in the 32.8 bn ocean of footwear market is tricky. Scamming, low-quality products, and high prices are normal nowadays, and you may find it hard to partner up with a trusted supplier. The research on this solution can drive you nuts. If you could find TRUSTWORTHY wholesalers quickly and cost-effectively, wouldn’t that be great? So, welcome our HONEST review about price compelling, legitimate, and high turnaround guaranteed 5 wholesale slides. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough COMPARISON of these wholesale shoes, enabling you to find the one that matches your needs. Let’s dive into details now.

Wholesale Slides Suppliers

Finding the right wholesale slides supplier is a crucial step in your business journey. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top players in this industry.

1. Authentic Manufacturing

Authentic manufacturing can never go wrong when manufacturing custom-made slide sandals. They feel pleasure in converting your business into a dream brand at UNBEATABLE prices aligned with stunning design and log creation. Need stock in a hurry? Just ping up authentic manufacturing, and they will make it ready in 2-4 weeks. Isn’t it cool? The company takes deep care about quality manufacturing to hand over your production in top-notch upper material. Best of all? You would never be forced to any MOQ limitation as they are small business friendly. Their PVC, EVA, and PU slides are durable and waterproof, ensuring a satisfying customer-seller relationship. Waterproof. Unbeatable prices. High turnaround. Bet them: Authentic manufacturing gives you a full guarantee of the lowest market price and is ready to beat if you find it much lower than their prices.

2. Custom Logo Flips

Custom logo flips solely work on private models of flip flops at AFFORDABLE prices and help businesses to settle their brand with attractive designs. Their efficient team can design any kind of logo printing; anywhere on the slides, in printed form, molded, or patched. From woven slippers to rubber and plastic slides, you are sure to get variety in production with a matchless design. Best quality? YOU will get production at your doorstep within 10 days after approval of the sample. If you need goods urgently, ask them, and they will do it immediately. Both premium and average collections of custom logo flips are available to fit your budget. Note: We find their prices a little higher than precise manufacturing, but their all-purpose printing makes it worth your money.

3. Islides

Islides is a B2B and B2C platform that aims to deliver elite-class slides to its customers. Here, you get the opportunity to design wearable products for islands, beaches, ceremonies, and pools, adding VERSATILITY to your footwear store. Since 2013, Islides is leading the global market with its excellent collection, enabling you to win your customer’s trust with comfortable footwear. Sounds good? Right. Be ready to grow as a brand with islides tailored and fashion-focused flip-flops, even trusted by celebrities. (Are you thinking about marketing now). What’s amazing? Global shipping and huge payment options. Bad: Double-check your sample for bulk custom orders because they don’t accept returns.

4. DHGate

DHGate is revolutionizing the history of casual footwear with wholesale and private label slides. The company collaborates with many buyers and sellers worldwide with affordable deals and high-quality bulk slides. They have THOUSANDS of suppliers and manufacturers that have smooth and comfortable stock for both ladies and men. Benefit: DHGate website is extremely user-friendly, and you are free to filter suppliers according to your choice. Its multi-linguistic and global delivery platform makes it exceptional. Prices are also very cheap without any MOQ restrictions. Authenticity: YOU can read reviews of every company out there and determine your best decision. High functionality: Affordable: More options. Suggested reading: Is DHgate Safe?

5. Dollardays

Dollardays has been the most experienced wholesaler, especially for women’s sandals, since its launch in 2001. Their collection of slides and sandals is worth buying as they are made according to women’s interests. If you are short on budget, there is no need to worry, as dollar day share the privilege of customizing order according to customer budget. Remarkable, isn’t it? Good part: Their 14-day return policy makes it all worth trying them at once, and accessible payment options are available. They also ship samples for special orders and guarantee customer satisfaction. The trackable shipping option makes it more trustable to buy your goods. Unfortunately, they don’t accept FBA preparatory orders.

How do you start a successful slides business?

Starting a business needs a perfect strategy, and making it successful always takes time; however, there are a few steps to kickstart your slide business.

1. Do Market Research

Research what kind of slides are appreciated by people. Which material is more comfortable for people? Do they want to wear slides manufactured with PVC or PU material?

2. Find Supplier

You should inform any manufacturer or supplier about your preferences for slide materials and designs after doing proper research. You do not need to print your brand logo if you want to go wholesale. But if you are interested in launching the brand, go for private label production.

3. Catch Up Sample

Next, you need to design a sample according to your desire. It is the supplier’s responsibility to provide your selection before follow-up production. Once you approve, go for mass production and check proper care about quality.

4. Marketing

Marketing is the backbone of a successful business. After launching a business, you should ultimately go for marketing. Start selling your brand through social media marketing; go for Facebook ads and Instagram presence. It will take time, but it is well worth it. Suggested reading: China Shoe Manufacturers

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Ningqu helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality, and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Wholesale Slides

Is selling slides worth it?

Slides are always good sellers since they are flexible and comfortable and are people’s top choices. According to fashion magazines, slides will overcome trends more than before and will be more selling products in 2022.

How do you get wholesale prices?

You get wholesale prices by buying in bulk. Ensure your business is 50% off the retail price to reach the high-profit value. The general formula to get wholesale prices is item cost + profit margin = wholesale cost.

What can I buy wholesale to resell?

You are free to buy any product at wholesale prices and resell it with more excellent profit value. It also depends on your budget and location availability. But you must know the essential duties of marketing to make sure your small business grows into a brand.

How do I find cheap slides?

You must have to buy at wholesale prices to buy cheap. You can search them through google or marketplaces to figure out your decision or look upon the aforementioned suppliers to get affordable and trusted deals.

Bottom line

Slides are the need today and tomorrow and are independent of seasonal variation. It is one of the highly profitable niches in demand every season. This category has evolved from casual to fashion footwear and holds excellent versatility. But there is a SERIOUS problem with this footwear. Slides especially made with PVC lose their quality with time. But supreme quality slides retain their style for years. That’s why you must provide them with durable and fashionable slides to build a long-term customer-seller relationship. Wondering about getting robust slide products? Catch a chat today with our agent and get our actionable assistance to grow your business.

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