Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors – Dive into Profitable Waters

If you’ve been thinking about diving into the swimwear retail business, you’re on the right track. Every summer, bathing suits become best sellers, and the 2021 market research predicted a 6.6% growth. The key to success is finding reliable wholesale swimsuit vendors, and we’ve got you covered.

Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

When it comes to sourcing wholesale swimsuits, we’ve got the experience and expertise you need. We’ve compiled a list of 12 dependable wholesale swimwear manufacturers you can contact today.

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Discover our top 12 wholesale swimsuit vendors that can make your swimwear business a splash!

Top 12 Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

  1. Made-In-China.com – Your Gateway to Quality

Made-in-China is a trusted portal connecting global buyers with top Chinese suppliers. Their focus on technology ensures you get the best swimwear at wholesale prices.

  1. DOLL Swimwear – Where Fashion Meets Function

DOLL Swimwear’s innovative designs are tailored especially for women. Their beachfront manufacturing guarantees fun, functional, and beautiful bikinis.

  1. Bali Swim – Quality with Low Minimum Orders

Bali Swim works with hundreds of swimwear suppliers worldwide. Their low prices and innovative approach revolutionize the swimwear industry.

  1. Orange Shine – Where Quality Meets Profit

Orange Shine is a leading online wholesale marketplace, offering discount prices and a unique e-commerce experience.

  1. Shestar – Trendy Women’s Clothing Supplier

Shestar provides a wide range of fashionable women’s clothing. With a history of over 30 years, they are efficient and professional.

  1. Nihaostyles – A World of Swimwear Styles

Based in China, Nihaostyles offers a diverse range of swimsuits. With over 1500 styles, they cater to various preferences.

  1. Girl Merry – A Treasure Trove of Swimsuits

Girl Merry is a leading internet swimsuit retailer with a vast selection. They’ve been providing fashionable women’s clothing since 2009.

  1. Unijoy Swimwear – Professional Swimwear Manufacturer

Unijoy offers a wide range of UV-resistant swimwear for all ages. Their low minimum order and customization options set them apart.

  1. EnvyaswinLos Angeles‘ Finest Swimsuits

Envyaswin excels in designing swimsuits that highlight feminine curves. They offer private label services for store owners.

  1. Eroswholesale – A One-Stop Fashion Store

Eroswholesale allows you to select products based on gender, style, and size. Their minimum order requirement is only $24.

  1. City Goddess – High-Quality Swimsuits

City Goddess caters to high street chains and boutiques with high-quality swimsuits and bikinis.

  1. Swimsuit Station – A Trusted Wholesale Distributor

Swimsuit Station has been serving the industry for over 20 years. They offer a vast range of swimwear without a minimum order requirement.

How to start a swimwear line?

If you’re considering starting your swimwear line, here are some steps to get you on the right track:

FAQs about Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Is starting a swimwear line profitable?

Starting a swimwear line can be highly profitable, especially when you offer trendy and inclusive designs that cater to a wide audience.

Why are swimsuits so expensive?

Swimsuits can be expensive due to the smaller production quantities, infrequent purchases by consumers, and the cost of quality materials.

What is the best swimwear fabric?

Polyester is the preferred fabric for swimwear due to its stretchability and durability. Nylon is also suitable but may wear over time.

Is the swimwear market oversaturated?

No, the swimwear market isn’t oversaturated. Consumer demand remains consistent, making it an attractive opportunity for new entrants.

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