Wholesale T-Shirts from China: A Profitable Opportunity

In the world of fashion, one item stands out as a versatile and timeless essential: the humble T-shirt. But have you ever thought about importing wholesale T-shirts from China to grow your T-shirt business? If not, it’s high time you consider this profitable venture.

Why Wholesale T-Shirts from China?

T-shirts are not just comfortable; they’re also in high demand worldwide. Whether you’re already in the fashion industry or planning to start your T-shirt business, this article is your definitive guide to importing T-shirts from China.

The Comfortable T-Shirts

T-shirts are loved for their stretchy, light, and inexpensive fabric. They come in various designs, themes, prints, and colors, making them a hit with consumers. So, what makes wholesale T-shirts from China so appealing?

The Cost Advantage

Importing wholesale T-shirts from China is cost-effective, especially when you order in bulk. We’ll cover all the essential points you need to know about purchasing Chinese T-shirts in this article.

Wholesale T-Shirts from China: What to Expect

Let’s dive into the specifics of buying wholesale T-shirts from China.

Common Types of T-shirts to Buy Wholesale

You can find a wide variety of T-shirt types on Chinese wholesale websites. Depending on your target market and style preferences, you can choose from:

Men’s T-shirt

  • Different printed designs
  • Various colors and styles
  • Heritage, polo, logo style, and Ralph Lauren designs

Women’s T-shirts

  • Different styles, colors, and prints
  • Includes printed, embroidered, sportswear, O-neck, and character designs

Children’s T-shirts

  • High-quality children’s T-shirts
  • Different styles, colors, and designs

Straight Cut T-shirt

  • Wide shoulders and a square body
  • Loose-cut sleeves

Slim-Fit T-shirt

  • Fitted close to the body
  • Ideal for a more tailored look

UK Size T-shirts

  • Fixed sizes for neck, jacket, waist, and sleeve length

US Size T-shirt

  • Sizing according to US criteria

Theme T-shirt

  • Themed designs for various interests

Promotion T-shirt

  • Customized with logos for advertising

Advertising T-shirt

  • Great for company or group promotion

Tourist T-shirt

  • Perfect for tourists to represent their country or the place they’re visiting

Where to Find the Best T-shirt Manufacturers in China

The demand for T-shirts is booming, and China offers a plethora of manufacturers. Here are some of the best places to look for T-shirt suppliers:

Sourcing Companies in China

  • Import products from China with competitive prices and quality


Fashion Exhibitions in China

Online B2B Marketplace in China

  • Alibaba
  • Global Sources
  • Connect with T-shirt suppliers from China

Big Wholesale T-shirt Factories in China

If you’re looking for larger quantities, these big factories in China can deliver:

Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

  • Production capacity of 3.5 million sets
  • Superfine worsted wool fabrics

Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd

  • Specializes in woolen clothes and garments

Starting Your Private Label T-shirt Business

Interested in starting your private label T-shirt business? Here are the essential steps to follow:

Design Your T-shirts

  • Create unique, high-quality designs that cater to your target audience.

Confirm the Type and Size

  • Choose the type (men’s, women’s, etc.) and the sizes you’ll offer.

Choose Fabric

  • Select the right fabric, considering pros and cons.

Printing or Embroidery

  • Decide whether to use printing or embroidery for your designs.


  • Use catchy quotes and text for your T-shirts.


  • Test and check details and quality.

Mass Production

  • Begin production, starting with a manageable quantity.

Pack and Delivery

  • Attractive packaging and efficient delivery are crucial.

Tips for Wholesale Customized T-shirts

When selling wholesale customized T-shirts, remember:

  • Keep prices affordable.
  • Ensure high-quality printing.
  • Choose the right printing process, ink, and machine.
  • Offer appealing quotes and text.

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