Alibaba Payment Failed? Here Are 10 Common Issues and Solutions

Many buyers from around the world import products from China. They include small businesses, wholesalers, retailers, or others. But, it is vital to choose the right payment methods to pay your Alibaba seller. Otherwise, you might face fraud when you purchase and pay a Chinese seller. Alibaba Trade Assurance is a safe way to pay suppliers during purchase. While not every Alibaba seller accepts Paypal, most accept Alibaba payment. Alibaba also allows a bank account, credit card, and wire transfers. This post will share Alibaba payment failed situations and solutions. Let’s get started.

10 Alibaba Payment Failed Situations and Solutions

You might face failure or problems in your payment process. It might be due to the payment system, your bank account issues, or blockage by your bank. Before you contact the Alibaba customer service, you can refer below. We’ve summarized the top 10 failure situations and solutions for you.

Wrong Card Type

Fail Situation: The payment system mentioned that support cards are Visa / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / Diners / Discover. Please use another debit or credit card and try again.

Reason: You are using the card type that is not supported.

Solution: Pay with a card mentioned, which is Visa card, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners, Western Union, Discover card. You can also try again or pay with other payment methods like a wire transfer.

E-Commerce Services Unavailable

Fail Situation: The Trade Assurance system mentioned that e-commerce services are not enabled.

Reason: The E-Commerce services are not enabled by the website.

Solution: Kindly enable the E-Commerce services. You can also pay with another credit and debit card. Or, pay with another payment method like wire transfer.

Unauthorized Payment by Card Issuer

Fail Situation: There is a failure on the current payment or transaction. Please use another credit or debit card and try again.

Reason: The current transaction is not authorized by your card issuer.

Solution: Kindly contact your card issuer to approve the authorization. You can also pay with another debit card or pay via other payment methods like a wire transfer.

Insufficient Funds

Fail Situation: The payment process was rejected by your bank because of insufficient funds.

Reason: You do not have sufficient funds on your card.

Solution: You should ensure sufficient funds on your card. You can also contact your bank, pay with another card, or pay by other payment methods.

Incorrect Card Information

Fail Situation: Alibaba Trade Assurance system mentioned a mistake on card information. For instance, card number, expiry date, CVV, billing address, or cardholder name.

Reason: You’ve filled up the wrong card info.

Solution: Ensure correct card number, expiry date, CCV, cardholder name, and billing address. Otherwise, pay with another debit card. You can also pay by other payment methods like wire transfer.

Security Reasons

Fail Situation: Alibaba Trade Assurance mentioned that the current payment method is failed.

Reason: The transaction failure is due to security reason by Alibaba. The Alibaba system automatically conducts regular checking on the payments on If they detect that your payment is unsafe, they might reject the transaction.

Solution: Your card is no longer available to complete payment for this order. You can pay with another secure payment method. For instance, Telegraphic Transfer bank transfer (T/T).

Transaction Limit Exceeded

Fail Situation: Current transaction is failed due to the transaction limit exceeded.

Reason: Your current payment has exceeded your card payment limit.

Solution: You can pay using other payment methods. For example, Telegraphic Transfers bank transfer(T/T). You can also pay by other debit card or debit card.

Credit Card Expired

Fail Situation: The transaction is failed as this card is expired.

Reason: Your credit card payment is failed due to the credit card expiring.

Solution: You can pay using another credit card or other payment methods.

International Payment Unavailable

Fail Situation: The current transaction failed as your card is not active for international payment.

Reason: Your card does not support international payments.

Solution: You can go to your bank’s app and look for the International Payment Options to toggle on. Or, you can contact your bank, pay with another credit card, or consider another payment option.

Bank Account Flagged by Bank

Fail Situation: The transaction is not complete. Kindly contact your bank.

Reason: If your account is red-flagged by the bank, it can cause a freeze. You’ll not be able to use your credit or debit card for Alibaba payments.

Solution: You can contact your bank, pay by another credit card, or pay with other payment methods.

How to Check the Exact Failed Reason?

There are many failure reasons for your Alibaba trade assurance payments. You can read the system message on the payment page to check. It usually appears after the payment is made. Or, you can go to Alibaba – Order – All Orders. Then, look for your order and select “View More” to visit the order detail page. Next, select “Payment Records” to get detailed information about the Alibaba payment failure.

Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions on Alibaba

To protect the Alibaba buyers, Alibaba sets several enforcement actions. It is to prevent non-compliance of transactions by Alibaba suppliers. If you are an Alibaba supplier, learn more in the Alibaba rule center.

New RBI Regulation for Indian Cards on Alibaba

The Alibaba Trade Assurance has set new rules for Indian cards. That is why many Indian Card users fail to pay on Alibaba. The new regulations have affected recurring card payments and payment details storage. It will continue until India comes out with new systems and infrastructure. If your card starts failing on Alibaba, you can try the steps below. Re-add your same card to the Alibaba Trade Assurance system. Then, complete the 3D secure authentication on the Alibaba website. After that, you should be able to pay with your card again.


1. What are the transaction fees when I use Alibaba payment?

When you transfer money to your Alibaba suppliers, there are transaction fees. Alibaba charges 2.95% fees on debit or credit card payments. If you pay with TT, Alibaba will charge about $40 fees per transfer. Note that there might be additional fees based on different situations.

2. What is the payment process on Alibaba?

Your Chinese supplier will require payment by generating invoices on the Alibaba account. Then, the Alibaba payment links will be created automatically and sent to you. In general, a payment link expires automatically after 72 hours. You should pay suppliers within the time.

3. How can I prevent scams on Alibaba?

When you purchase on Alibaba, you should research the seller. You can conduct e-checking on its background via a website or social media. Besides, tell the seller precise product specifications. You should make quality control and pre-shipment inspection before final payments. Otherwise, you might pay high prices and receive defective goods.

4. What is a payment dispute, and how to win it?

Payment dispute happens when a cardholder calls his issuer bank for money returns. It might be due to wrong items delivered, payment fraud, or other reasons. To win a dispute, you should keep detailed records and gather evidence. Besides, look for the reason code and remember to react fast.

What To Do Next

Alibaba payment is one of the safest payment methods for big or small transactions. It is also accepted on Aliexpress. Many people used to ask: Is Aliexpress safely? Most buyers use this payment gateway to pay their Alibaba suppliers. You can pay with many methods at small fees. For instance, debit and credit card, PayPal account, bank account, etc. Whether you attend a trade show or pay suppliers online, you must avoid payment fraud. An immoral seller might scam you to pay a higher amount or to fake accounts. I hope this article shares useful information about Alibaba payments or other payment methods. Talk to Ningqu Sourcing for more information.

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