How to Buy from Poizon App: Your Ultimate Guide to Sneaker Shopping

If you’re into sneakers, you’ve probably heard about the Poizon app. It’s gaining popularity among sneaker enthusiasts and sellers alike. Sneakers have a dedicated customer base, which means more profit margin and fewer marketing costs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to buy from Poizon, explore the world of DEWU, and delve into the details of these two platforms.

What is the Poizon App?


Poizon is a leading Chinese trading platform specializing in sneakers. It provides services similar to well-known US platforms such as StockX and GOAT, which are gaining attention in the mainland market. POIZON is an online fashion marketplace for authentic sneakers, apparel, bags, watches, and accessories from designer labels and luxury brands. The platform has accelerated the boom in the resale of sneakers by making shoes a tradable financial product.

Poizon Sneakers are Legit

In February 2019, a client reported that he had purchased a pair of sneakers through Poizon, but they were later certified as fake by another authenticator. He further alleged that Poizon had given him $50 to keep the matter hidden from the public. Many people began to share on social media that they had purchased counterfeits from the Poizon site.

These accusations aren’t baseless. According to a report, Poizon’s authentication specialists have to process 600–1,000 pairs of shoes each day, with one authenticator validating 4,851 pairings in a single day. As a result, it’s understandable for consumers to be skeptical of Poizon’s authenticity.

However, Poizon is taking steps to improve its authentication process. They now require sellers to send the shoes for verification before the customer receives them. Poizon ensures the legitimacy of supplies by acting as an impartial and reputable third-party authenticator in its trade deals. They do not sell shoes directly but rather act as a middleman, charging solely for authentication and service.

The Advantages of the DEWU Platform

DEWU offers many benefits that encourage major companies to collaborate with the platform. These include discounted pricing for businesses, a service of operation, customer service from a single merchant, and a simple user interface. It’s an all-in-one solution for businesses, especially for beginners and investors.

What you should know about DEWU’s e-commerce platform

DEWU’s unique selling feature is the “identify first, ship later” buying method. It covers a wide range of product categories, including trendy shoes, fashion, watches, accessories, gaming, electronics, home appliances, beauty, cars, and more. The platform is perfect for high-end and limited-edition products, and it also provides opportunities for Chinese businesses in their early stages of development.

DEWU’s Business Model Explained

DEWU operates on a standard e-commerce model with multiple inspection procedures to ensure product authenticity. They have invested heavily in developing a strong identification system, including cooperation with national institutions for research in sneaker detection and creating industry norms. Every product that passes the authentication process is given an official authentication certificate and an “anti-counterfeiting kit.”

How to Buy from Poizon

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy from Poizon:

  1. Download Poizon App: You can easily download the Poizon app from the Google Play Store by searching for its name.
  2. Register Account: Create your account and a strong password. Complete the required information and qualifications. Verify the accuracy of your information, and make the necessary payment.
  3. Search Products: Use the search box to find products by typing their names or keywords. You can also explore product suggestions based on brands or categories.
  4. Place the Order: Customize your order and click the “Buy Now” button.
  5. Confirm the Shipping Address: Select your preferred shipping method and provide the delivery address. Complete the payment process and keep track of your order’s status.

FAQ about Buying from DEWU

Here are some frequently asked questions about buying from DEWU:

  1. How to buy from DEWU?: In the DEWU app, select your desired product, follow the buying instructions, and complete the payment process.
  2. How to log in and use DEWU?: Open DEWU, choose a login method, and log in to receive newcomer gifts.
  3. How to check your own identification?: In the DEWU app, go to “Authentication Service” and select “My Authentication” to check your authenticated products.
  4. How to get a coupon?: You can get a coupon by creating a new account or by participating in DEWU’s events.
  5. How can Ningqu help you buy from DEWU?: Ningqu can assist you with your import business requirements, providing customized services for both large importers and small businesses.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy from Poizon

The “identify first, ship later” buying method is Poizon’s unique selling feature, covering a wide range of product categories. Poizon is not just a platform for sneaker enthusiasts; it’s also a lifestyle network where users can share their opinions and debate their purchases with others. If you want a successful import business, Ningqu is ready to assist you with your sourcing needs.

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