Unveiling the Dog Collar Market on Amazon

So, you’re thinking of selling dog collars on Amazon, but are you well-versed in the art of analyzing the product, competition, sales, and market trends? Fear not! We, at Ningqu, are here to walk you through the intricacies of understanding the market for dog collars. Grab your metaphorical magnifying glass; it’s time for some product analysis!

Analyzing the Dog Collar Market

Market Potential

Ever wondered about the Market Potential of dog collars? According to Google Trends, over the past five years, the search volume for dog collars has been steadily increasing. In March 2007, there was an explosive surge in searches, indicating a growing interest.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon. There’s nearly a whopping 4 million searches for dog collars per month! This tells you that the dog collar market on Amazon is brimming with potential. But, let’s dive deeper.

High Market Potential Areas

When it comes to high market potential, the United States takes the crown. It’s the hottest spot for dog collar searches. America, Britain, and Australia are the top three, but the US reigns supreme. New York leads the way with the most significant market share.

In Britain, Scotland is the top hotspot for dog collar searches. The market remains stable, though not as intense as in the US. It’s an optimistic and steady environment for dog collar sales.

Market Competition Environment

Now, let’s shift our focus to the competition. Using tools like Google AdWords and keyword research, we found that the competition for dog collars is fierce, but not overly intense. In the US, Google searches are at 74,000 per month, and Amazon reaches nearly 4 million. However, the CPC (Cost Per Click) for dog collars is only $1.7. It’s a sign that there’s a large market, but competition isn’t cutthroat.

Analyzing Dog Collars Based on Products

Profit Analysis

Here’s where things get interesting. We stumbled upon a dog collar on Alibaba priced at $1.5. The same collar, when sold on Amazon by Blueberry Pet, fetches $8.99. That’s a profit margin of $7.49. But, hold on, that’s not all.

Using Unicorn Smasher, we discovered that this shop sells around 1,207 units each month, generating approximately $10,797 in sales. Crunch the numbers, and you’ve got a fantastic profit of about $9,000 every month. But, there’s a twist – other costs like packaging, transportation, and tariffs can eat into your profits. It’s crucial to account for these expenses.

Price and Sales Rank Analysis

To make the most of your profit, you’ll need a lower purchase price. When we tracked the price history, we found it fluctuated between $7.99 and $8.99 over the past four years. In July, it reached the top of the sales rank. The key takeaway? A lower purchase price is the holy grail of profit.

Finding the Right Supplier

But how do you find the right supplier for these products? Welcome to Ningqu, your go-to professional purchasing agency in China. With over a decade of experience, we ensure quality products at the best prices. We save you time and money by handling everything from supplier selection to product branding.

Taking the First Step to Success

Choosing Ningqu is your first step towards success. We’re here to answer any questions you have about the Amazon business and sourcing. We’re involved in various sourcing activities that will help your company grow and improve your international business.


  1. What are the key markets for dog collars? The United States, Britain, and Australia top the list.
  2. How competitive is the dog collar market? The competition is fierce but not overly intense, with a relatively low CPC.
  3. How do I ensure a profitable venture in selling dog collars on Amazon? Account for additional costs, find a reliable supplier, and offer competitive pricing.
  4. What’s the significance of price history in dog collar sales? A lower purchase price often leads to higher profits.
  5. Why choose Ningqug for product procurement? We have over a decade of experience and offer comprehensive sourcing solutions that save you time and money.

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