A Practical Industry Analysis Report of Highlighters


To make your products profitable, you have to take into consideration many elements. Some of these elements include healthy competition, a strong sales force, a large market share, and stable market demand. If you’re interested in selling highlighters, then this article will be a great source of information. We at Ningqu want to share an industry report of highlighters with you today to help make better and informed decisions.

Market Demand

Understanding the Heartbeat of the Highlighter Market

Market Demand Basics

The market demand usually determines market supply. Therefore, you should first have a good understanding of the highlighters market demand through data.

  • The chart of Highlighters’ popularity of searching of the United States in the past five years
  • The chart of Highlighters’ popularity of searching worldwide in the past five years

Growing Popularity

According to the data provided by Google trend in the past five years, the search popularity of highlighters in the United States has been increasing year after year. This trend has been growing rapidly since 2016.

  • Peaks in July, August, December, and January
  • Global search popularity follows a similar trend

Key Insights

Besides Google, we also got search data from Amazon. In the year 2017, the numbers of searches for highlighters hit a peak of 7 million in July and August. This is due to the opening periods of school in America.

  • Market Concentration in Certain Months
  • Our Suggestion: Start stocking in May, June, October, and November

Market Distribution

Finding the Sweet Spots

International Market Demand

To sell the products smoothly and get the profits, you need to have a clear understanding of market demand and also find the suitable market for the products.

  • The chart of areal distribution of Highlighters’ popularity of searching worldwide from Google

UK Tops the List

According to this chart, the number of searches for highlighters in the UK is the highest, followed by Australia and the Philippines. The United States came fourth.

  • The popularity of highlighter searches in the UK
  • Most popular search in Scotland

Australia’s Rising Trend

The search popularity of highlighters in Australia has fluctuated greatly in the past five years, but the overall trend is also on the rise. This is the case especially in August 2016 when the search popularity rose to more than 75.

  • The hottest search in Victoria
  • Our Recommendation: Focus on UK, Australia, and the United States

Competitive Environment

The Challenge of Standing Out

UK Competitive Landscape

According to the data provided by Google Adwords and Keywordtool, the average search volume of highlighters in the UK in Google per month was about 30,000. Compare this with the approximate 1 million searches per month on Amazon. The CPC of the highlighter also reached about $1.56 per click, showing a relatively fierce competitive environment.

About the Product

Unraveling the Profit Potential

Profit of Product

The profit of the product is a key factor in deciding whether to start selling a product or not.

  • Purchase price vs. Selling price
  • Calculation of profit

Cost of Product

Understanding the True Cost

  • Monthly returns vs. Additional costs
  • The importance of factoring in all expenses

Fluctuations in Prices

The Art of Price Stability

  • Historical sale prices analysis
  • Stable profit with minor price fluctuations


Navigating the Highlighter Market

The analysis of highlighter products is crucial for informed decisions. The market demand is mainly concentrated in July, August, December, and January with a fierce competitive environment. Although the gross profit of the product is high, with a high CPC, the initial advertising cost will be large, resulting in the total cost increase and profit decrease.

Therefore, it is not recommended for people new to the highlighters industry to sell this product. For those with an established customer base, it is recommended to focus on the UK, Australia, and the US markets, calculate all costs and profits before purchasing, and find reliable suppliers. Don’t worry, Ningqu can help you!

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