What is 360° product photography?

A 360-Degree View of Product Photography

Have you ever wondered about those mesmerizing images you can spin in every direction? Let’s delve into the world of 360° product photography.

Detailed Product Imagery

Discover how a 360° product photoshoot delivers intricate details from various angles.

Multiple Angles, One Image

Unravel the process of capturing multiple images at 10-degree intervals and transforming them into a single, mesmerizing 360° image.

Captivate Customers

Find out how 360° product photography enhances online stores’ ability to showcase products, leading to increased sales.

Types of 360° product photography

Explore 360° Photography Variants

360° product photography has evolved over the past 30 years, offering various types to enhance your business.

Non-Interactive 360° Photos

Learn about non-interactive 360° photos in GIF format and their limitations.

Interactive 360° Photos

Discover the advantages of interactive 360° photos, allowing users to zoom in, drag, and explore.

Multi-Row 3D Photography

Dive into the world of multi-row 3D photography, enabling spherical rotation and complete viewer control.

Double Axis Spin Photo

Understand the unique combination of vertical and horizontal 360° photoshoots for a comprehensive view.

Product Animation

Explore product animation’s intriguing blend of animation and 360° photography, offering a unique experience.

Virtual Tour

Learn how to create engaging virtual tours by combining 360° pictures and videos.

Benefits of using 360° photography

The Power of 360° Photography

Discover how 360° photography can captivate your audience and boost your business.

Increased Sales

Find out how 360° product photography dispels the doubts of online shoppers, leading to a surge in sales.

Improved Google Ranking

Explore the connection between high-quality 360° images and a superior Google ranking.

Enhanced Trust

See how 360° product photography builds trust by delivering what you promise, fostering customer loyalty.

How to shoot 360° product photography?

Creating Mesmerizing 360° Images

Get ready to master the art of shooting 360° product photography and leave a lasting impression.

Step 1: Prepare Equipment

Explore the essential equipment and software needed for a successful 360° photoshoot.

Quality Gear Matters

Understand the significance of quality gear, from cameras to lighting, for exceptional results.

Step 2: Set up Your Background and Light

Learn the importance of proper lighting and background setup for highlighting product features.

Step 3: Set Your Turntable

Discover the role of a rotating turntable in capturing images from every angle.

Step 4: Check Your Camera Settings

Unlock the secrets of camera settings for producing outstanding 360° images.

Step 5: Start Taking Photos

Get practical tips on capturing images at precise 10-degree intervals for optimal results.

Step 6: Post-processing

Learn the art of post-processing, editing, and saving images in high-quality formats.

3D vs. 360° product photography

Demystifying 3D vs. 360° Photography

Let’s clear the confusion and understand the key distinctions between 3D and 360° product photography.

More Shots in 3D

Discover the fundamental difference in image capture between 3D and 360° photography.

Interactivity Matters

Learn why 3D images allow more interactivity compared to 360° images.

Speedy Loading of 360° Photos

Unveil the advantage of 360° photos loading faster, enhancing user experience.

FAQs about 360° Product Photography

Your 360° Photography Queries Answered

Have questions about 360° product photography? Find the answers right here.

How much does 360° product photography cost?

Learn about the cost of a 360° photoshoot and the option of hiring a professional photographer.

How do I create perfect 360° product images?

Discover the essential equipment and skills needed for creating flawless 360° product shots at home.

How do I upload 360-degree photos to Amazon?

Get insights into uploading 360° product images to Amazon and gaining full control of your listings.

What is 360° Product Photography Software?

Explore the software that transforms still photography into captivating 360° animations.

What’s Next

Embrace the Power of 360° Photography

Ready to take your online business to the next level? Explore the endless possibilities of 360° product photography.

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