How to Use Alibaba Credit Card Payments

When it comes to wholesale at Alibaba, you have several payment methods at your disposal, such as bank transfers, telegraphic transfers, and more. But, if you want a safe, fast, and easy way to pay suppliers, the Alibaba credit card payment option is your best bet.

The Benefits of Using Credit Cards

Why are credit cards the preferred choice? It’s simple – they offer security, lower service fees compared to bank transfers, and provide you with full control over your transactions. Plus, they offer payment guarantees and the ability to dispute charges if necessary.

Making Your First Credit Card Payment

To start using your credit card on Alibaba, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the “Order/All Orders” section.
  2. Choose “Credit/Debit Card.”
  3. Click on “Add New Credit Card to pay in USD” and input your card details.

Remember that once you’ve input your card information, you can’t change it. You’ll need to remove the card and enter it again if any changes are needed.

How Long Does Credit Card Payment Review Take?

Sometimes, your credit card transaction may undergo a review process to prevent payment fraud. This review typically lasts a maximum of three hours. Afterward, you’ll receive an email from Alibaba staff.

Avoiding Double Payments

Be cautious not to pay for the same order twice, as it can result in double charges, especially if you’ve used other payment options like bank transfers. Check your bank account to ensure that the payment and transaction fee have been deducted.

Handling Alibaba Credit Card Disputes

When issues arise with your Trade Assurance orders, such as delayed shipping or product discrepancies, you can file a payment dispute and request a refund. Both parties have a negotiation period lasting from 3 to 30 days.

Escalating Your Dispute

If the seller doesn’t respond within three days, you have the option to “Escalate Your Dispute.” This step forces the parties to provide evidence within three days. Alibaba’s dispute team will then carefully consider the case before making a decision.

FAQs about Alibaba Credit Card Payments

1) What are the transaction fees to pay with Alibaba Credit Cards?

Credit card companies charge a 2.99% transaction fee of the complete payment amount. It’s a relatively low payment processing fee, and the processing time is up to two hours.

2) What is the difference between PayPal payments and credit card payments?

Not all Alibaba suppliers accept PayPal, and it charges a higher transaction fee. Credit cards offer a more versatile and direct payment method for your supplier, avoiding the limitations associated with PayPal.

3) What is the largest transaction amount per payment process with credit cards?

The maximum you can pay suppliers per order with a credit card is $12,000. Alibaba also provides various other payment methods with varying transaction limits.

4) How does Alibaba Trade Assurance work?

Alibaba Trade Assurance functions as an escrow secure payment method. It releases the money to the supplier’s bank account once the product is shipped within a specified time frame, offering a secure and fraud-resistant payment process.

5) Why can’t I pay my Trade Assurance orders with credit cards?

There are several reasons, including incorrect credit card information, card issuer restrictions, authorization issues, insufficient funds, exceeding the payment limit, security concerns, and unavailable eCommerce services.

What to Do Next

When it comes to paying on Alibaba, credit cards are the way to go. They offer safety, quickness, low transaction fees, and universal acceptance. Master the trade assurance payment system and ensure your transactions are secure and hassle-free with this payment method.

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