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Did you know? Searching for the best Amazon Suppliers is like playing a game of supplier roulette. You spin the wheel and place your entire business as a bet.

But fear not! We’re here to be your Amazon expert companion. We’ve worked with suppliers a lot, so we know how to make your business thrive. We’ll show you a no-brainer step on how to PICK the right Amazon supplier for your Amazon store. Source the BEST products to sell on Amazon. Watch your profits rain on your store!

So fellow risk-takers, ready to place a winning bet? Keep scrolling to find LEGITIMATE suppliers!

Why Need A Great Supplier For Your Amazon Store?

If you want to make your business a success story, you will have to get a reliable supplier. The supplier is a partner in your business and can be your most generous support.

On the other hand, it’s the supplier who can ruin all of your money. Therefore, you must take care of while choosing the supplier.

A reliable and legitimate supplier can ensure the success of your business. Once you have got the best supplier, try to develop a long-term relationship with them.

If you have a friendly relationship with the supplier, you can work in a comfortable environment. And in the end, the customers can also have a memorable and positive experience.

The suppliers can affect your business in various ways; for instance, if the suppliers did not deliver the products on time, you may face some extreme circumstances.

It can not only make the customers unhappy but will also make the buyers unhappy.

Therefore, you should take some time and spend energy to find a reliable, trustworthy supplier. The time you spend now in searching for a reliable supplier will pay you in the future.

You Can Get A Sweet Reputation And Seller Rating

If you can provide the best quality products at economical prices to the customers, it will help you to get the sweet reputation and a better selling rating at Amazon.

So, it would not be wrong to say that the right supplier will let you make your business a success story and get a tremendous amount of money.

You Don’t Have To Deal With Product Issues And Late Orders

The legitimate supplier can provide you with good enough products on time. In this way, you can develop a healthy relationship both with the supplier and as well as with the customer.

Your Customers Will Have A Positive Experience

If you have a healthy relationship with the suppliers, they will ensure a constant supply of the best quality goods. For the past 10 years, we have never had any issues meeting the demand of our customer’s orders on time.

Resulting in a long-lasting and reliable relationship with the suppliers. Furthermore, the customers will have a positive experience, and they will also force others to buy from your store.

Types Of Suppliers For Amazon

While searching for the Amazon supplier, you will get four types of suppliers, i.e., drop-ship suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and factory outlets. A brief description of all the suppliers is given below.

Dropship Suppliers

They are the most popular among online store owners. The dropship suppliers can maintain the inventory and can deliver the products directly to the customers.


  1. No Inventory
  2. Low Overhead
  3. Various Kinds


  1. Less Control
  2. Item Costs Will Be Higher


The wholesale suppliers provide a large number of products at reasonable prices. So, if a buyer purchases a considerable number of products, he can enjoy many benefits in the form of discounts and free shipments.


  1. Low Cost
  2. Simplicity


  1. A Large Sum Of Money To Start
  2. Inventory Management Challenges
  3. Pressure To Sell


With the help of manufacturers, you can get the products directly from the producers. And this way, you can get the best quality goods at the lowest prices.


  1. Low Per-Unit Cost
  2. Opportunity To Build Your Private Label Brand


  1. Requires A Larger (And More Expensive) Starting Order
  2. They Often Create Relationships With Bigger Retail Names

Factory Outlet

The factory outlet is the best option if you want to get the minimum number of products at the lowest price. The factories can provide you with high-quality goods at the lowest prices.


  1. Get An Excellent Per-Item Price


  1. High Risk
  2. Unreliable

How to Find the Best Amazon FBA Suppliers?

We’ve worked with HUNDREDS of suppliers since the BC days. Some were awesome, and we made a couple of $$ from our partnership. While others drove us BAT** CRAZY, made us want to close down our entire Amazon store.

Good news is that you don’t have to go through all that hassle. Here are the best-kept secrets on finding RELIABLE suppliers.

  1. Internet SearchMake the internet your friend. SIMPLE! Use this simple trick to find wholesale suppliers EVERY TIME. Simply key in the product you want to sell along with these keywords: “suppliers,” “wholesalers,” or “private label.”

    Retailers are getting smart, too! Some spend thousands of dollars on Google Ads to appear on the first page. But this doesn’t mean they sell low-quality products. Just that their prices are a bit exaggerated. I recommend exploring results beyond the first 10 Google search results. Chances are that these are LEGIT wholesale distributors.

  2. Use Jungle ScoutThis is the EASIEST way to find Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers, HANDS DOWN! Just type in your desired product name, supplier name, and ASIN, and you get a well-curated list of FBA wholesale suppliers in seconds.
  3. Online Wholesale Directories or Wholesale MarketplacesI also use wholesale directories to source Amazon wholesale suppliers. Faster results as wholesale suppliers are grouped according to their specific niche.
  4. Attending a Trade Show or Trade EventTrade shows have opened my eyes to many opportunities as an Amazon seller. It’s a GREAT chance to meet some of the FINEST Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers. Network and build amazing relationships.

    Visit trade shows directories such as Trade Shows News to find trade shows in your niche.



1. Why is finding a reliable Amazon supplier crucial? Finding a reliable supplier is essential to ensure the success of your Amazon business, maintain a positive reputation, and avoid product issues and late orders.

2. What are the advantages of using dropship suppliers? Dropship suppliers eliminate the need for inventory, reduce overhead costs, and allow you to offer a wide range of products to customers.

3. How can I use online wholesale directories to find Amazon suppliers? Online wholesale directories provide a convenient way to find Amazon suppliers by grouping them according to specific niches or industries.

4. What should I consider when attending a trade show to find suppliers? When attending a trade show, focus on networking, building relationships with FBA wholesale suppliers, and exploring opportunities in your niche.

5. How can Jungle Scout help in finding Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers? Jungle Scout simplifies the process by providing a curated list of FBA wholesale suppliers based on your product and ASIN, allowing you to narrow your search by region or niche.

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