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Pay Attention to These 8 New Infringing Products: Protect Your E-Commerce Business

Infringement Woes: Cross-Border Sellers’ Accounts Shut Down

Earlier this morning, cross-border e-commerce sellers claimed that their accounts had been shut down for infringement. The received emails were showing, “a temporary injunction to remove products from shelves.” Similar incidents have been reported frequently of late with some of the brands that initiated the lawsuit in the past remaining unknown to sellers.

The Need to Identify Infringed Products

Based on the information provided by the sellers, it only makes sense to know products that have been infringed. Ningqu have sorted out 8 new trademarks/products that have been infringed recently to help you take necessary precautions.

1. ULOVEIDO: A Jewelry Brand in Peril

Yesterday, several sellers said the stores were closed because of infringement of ULOVEIDO. The trademark ULOVEIDO belongs to a jewelry company in Weifang, China, and registered in August 2016 to be applied to jewelry products. The trademark products and services include precious metal boxes, bracelet, earrings, jade, jewelry, jewelry boxes, jewelry accessories, necklaces, rings, and watches. The seller’s shop that is being accused of the infringement is currently closed, and the funds are withheld.

2. MCM: Luxury Fashion Brand’s Legal Battle

Another seller claimed that one of the products sold by his company had an icon similar to MCM. The company was then sued by GBC for infringement with all the funds in PayPal account frozen. MCM is a luxury fashion brand founded in Munich, Germany, in 1976. It produces over 500 products that include jewelry, watches, perfume, clothing, luggage, and small leather goods.

3. One UK: A Legal Battle Through a Court Order

A few days ago, another seller claimed infringement on the One UK Ltd.’s intellectual property. This was supposedly done through a court order. The seller’s account is currently under restriction with options for payment and withdrawer also affected. The receiver of the funds is unable to release the account and funds until new instructions from the court are received. The seller is currently seeking a settlement.

4. Egg Poacher: A Cracked Situation

If you can remember, egg cookers were selling like hotcakes a few months ago. However, questions arose about infringement. An industry body said that Egglettes had become a new defendant in the EPS law firm. There were estimated 121 sellers that had their accounts frozen.

5. The Smurfs: GBC’s Alert

According to the seller, GBC recently purchased a large number of Smurfs products and alerted sellers to check if they had similar products.

6. Testudo Pattern: An Unusual Infringement

One seller also claimed that the above patterns would be a cause of infringement. This makes most sellers wonder, how can plant patterns infringe? However, the seller reported closure of his account for 30 days because of the pattern. This kind of circumstance may be caused by the copyright of the design.

7. PAW: Safeguarding Trademark Rights

Similar products might have also infringed the products of PAW. The PAW trademark safeguarded their rights in 2015 when a number of accounts were checked.

8. PJ Masks: A High-Stakes Battle

PJ Mask launched several campaigns since the start of February, March, and May this year. However, since the launch, there were 176 sellers that had their funds frozen. A few days ago, another seller received notice about infringing PJ Masks. The seller tried to communicate with GBC, the prosecutor. Instead, the seller received a reply from GBC asking him to pay $2 million in damages regardless of the sales amount.

Trust Ningqu to Keep You Safe

Ningqu is the one to help you source in China and offer Amazon FBA service including pictures, texts, etc. No matter how big or small your orders are, we will help you source quality and affordable products, and we will ship them directly to you. Most importantly, we are capable to help you source products without any risk to infringement. We will keep you free from infringement from the beginning.

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