Shoe Manufacturing in Los Angeles: Your Guide to Top 7 Manufacturers

Are you ready to step into the billion-dollar shoe industry in the USA? Los Angeles is your golden ticket! With hundreds of styles and colors, you can find elegant and trendy footwear right here. But before you make your big buy, make sure you’re getting the greatest deal possible. In this guide, we, as sourcing experts, present our top 7 picks for shoe manufacturers in Los Angeles, ensuring you’re in the right direction. Let’s dive in!

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Top 7 Shoe Manufacturing In Los Angeles

1. S-LA

Shoemakers LA or S-LA, has an upfront approach to delivering a customized product according to the taste and needs of a customer. Not all feet require the same pattern, and S-LA knows it. That’s why they deliver custom-made shoes for every individual.

This LA-based brand has three principles: “Dream it,” “Develop it,” and “Produce it.” When you know what your business wants, send them your requirements.

AMAZING!!! They develop the shoe and make a physical sample for you. And then the production will do the rest. It is known as a fashion mecca, and all the products are more cost-effective than others.

You are amazed by the fact that S-LA uses recycled rubber and EVA, along with the biodegradable sole in its shoes. So, you sell them without worrying about harming the environment.

Pros of using S-LA:

  • Customized Products.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Environment-friendly shoes.
  • They allow customization in samples. I have ORDERED samples as per my requirements.

Cons of using S-LA:

  • As they custom-make things, shipping can take longer.

Primary Products:

  • Men’s Footwear
  • Women’s Footwear
  • Kid’s Footwear
  • Accessories

2. Clover & Cobbler

Clover & Cobbler is a Los Angeles-based shoe manufacturer that produces a variety of footwear for its clients. The brand picks local materials and makes OUTSTANDING footwear in its factory.

What else? They provide samples and take your opinion seriously while making the best for you. You use consulting and experts to develop your footwear and get the most comfortable and fashionable shoes under one roof. You get the flexibility to get your required products within a short time, as their commitment to delivering a quality product is commendable.

Pros of using Clover & Cobbler:

  • Variety of Footwear.
  • Experts consultation is available.
  • Make sample as per requirement.
  • Flexibility and quick shipping time.

Cons of using Clover & Cobbler:

  • They use local materials.

Primary Products:

  • Men’s Footwear
  • Boots
  • Leather Shoes
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Kid’s Footwear
  • Accessories

3. MyShoeBazar

MyShoeBazar is the right place if you are into fashionable footwear and designer brands. This LA-based manufacturer provides stylish footwear for women that you can’t resist buying. From flats to boots, you get it all at MyShoeBazar. Their up-to-date collection of women’s footwear is all you need to compliment your client’s unique style statement.

The wide range of footwear varieties gives you the liberty to pick the best one for you.

Pros of using MyShoeBazar:

  • Wide range of women’s footwear.
  • Most Up-to-date collections.
  • They have shipped my product faster. Quick shipping time is their GREAT feature.

Cons of using MyShoeBazar:

Primary Products:

  • Chunky Heels
  • Stiletto Heels
  • Thigh Heels
  • Flat Shoes
  • Wedge Heels
  • Fashion Boutiques

4. ORO Shoes

Oro Los Angeles comes in all hand-crafted BOOTS in Spain, and they typically have simple styles for their footwear. The brand assures you that it will DELIVER the product within its promised timeline. A domestic shipment takes 2-4 business days, and an overseas shipment will require 3–7 business days to deliver the product. No need to wait a long time with them.

There’s More!! Besides, with their easy cancellation system, you cancel the order within 24 hours from the time of purchase. You also claim a full refund from the shipping company if they lose your product. You also return the product within 21 days from the purchase date and receive a full refund from the brand. However, they follow certain rules when you claim a full refund or try to return any product.

Pros of using ORO:

  • Hand-made boots from Spain.
  • Full refund within 21 days.
  • Rapid turnaround on orders.

Cons of using ORO:

  • Have simple-style footwear.

Primary Products:

  • Chelsea Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Leather Shoes
  • Athletic Footwear
  • Accessories

5. Vamp Shoes

Vamp started their journey in 2005 in Los Angeles. Keeping women’s style in mind, the brand has developed a wide range of products, which include a variety of footwear. You get gift cards as well.

Wow, COOL!! You contact them for authorization if you need to return any product. The return policy is also straightforward.

As early as you have an idea or drawing, the company helps you develop it into a complete tech pack, ready samples, and even with final sales. A 7-day return policy is applicable for the regular price, and you must return them in their original condition.

Pros of using Vamp Shoes:

  • I CHECKED their collection YESTERDAY. They have a wide range of shoes.
  • Easy return policy.
  • Develop shoes as per requirement.
  • Gift card available.

Cons of using Vamp Shoes:

  • 7-day return policy for regular price only.

Primary Products:

  • Taupe Shoes
  • Ballet Wedges
  • Ribbed Clogged Shoes
  • Women’s Boots
  • Wedge Sandals
  • Women’s Accessories

6. Nordstrom

When you want FASHION shoes, there are so many options at Nordstrom. This Los Angeles brand also offers fashionable footwear for men, women, and kids.

Take advantage of their precious collection of designer shoes and easy tech packs DELIVERY system. They have free shipping and returns within the United States.

COOL, RIGHT? The convenient refund policy will take 5-7 business days. You bring the product to the store, use an online return policy, or even send the product by mail. They also offer you a price adjustment policy to avail you of the best offer while purchasing any of their items.

Pros of using Nordstrom:

  • Fashionable footwear for all.
  • Designer shoes are available.
  • Best price with price-adjustment policy.
  • Several returning methods are available.
  • Free shipping and returns within the USA.

Cons of using Nordstrom:

  • Made-in-the-USA items are a bit expensive.

Primary Products:

  • Boots
  • Men’s Running Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Women’s Clogs
  • Women’s Comforts
  • Women’s Heels
  • Kid’s Footwear

7. New Balance

New Balance shoes are here for you if you are into the sports industry. When the sports culture lacks a variety of footwear solutions, this L.A. footwear brand produces the righteous product.

They believe in equality, and their motto is to provide footwear for all ages and genders as well. Expand your business and sell shoes to people of any age with New Balance.

The New Balance shoes are incredibly comfortable and lightweight because of the combination of the EVA foam midsole and the rubber outsole. Your customers are going to love them for sure!!

Pros of using New Balance:

  • Comfortable and lightweight shoes.
  • Best for sports shoes. I have tried their BUNCH of SPORTS SHOES. They are BEST in look and wearing.
  • Designer shoes are available.

Cons of using New Balance:

  • Bit expensive than Chinese shoes.

How do you start a shoe brand business in Los Angeles?

Consider these steps to start a shoe brand business in Los Angeles.

Step 1: Start a shoe brand store

If you have the idea of starting a shoe BRAND store, you must get the required license and a shop permit. If you are planning to start a retail store, you need to check the local laws and get a required permit.

Step 2: Find trustworthy shoemakers

How do you check who you can trust to make shoes for your brand? I say, do your research! This can be done online, but I’d recommend you read reviews on various sites and ask questions to people you know.

Step 3: Make your shoe Brand Website

Design a PROFESSIONAL website with your brand logo. Upload photos of your shoes and their products. Add special features to attract visitors to your site. Include links to all social media pages. Make your website search engine optimized.

We are presently RESIDING in the era of social media. Share your shoe brand on various platforms. Create a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter account, then you can share your brand on these platforms. Create review videos on YouTube that highlight the features of your shoe. Videos are very effective because they can engage your viewers.

Step 5: Include special features to attract visitors

You should consider adding some special features to your site. For instance, you can give your clients free gift coupons or discounts. You can also offer special packages or discounts for the holidays. You just need to put forth the hard work, and success finds its way to your shoe brand on its own.

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FAQs about Shoe Manufacturing in Los Angeles

Q1: Who is the best shoe company?

Nike is one of the best shoe companies. It is a multinational firm based in the United States that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories all over the globe. Some other best shoe companies are:

  • Adidas
  • New Balance
  • Converse
  • Vans
  • Kering

Q2: How do you design a shoe?

Follow some simple ways to design a shoe:

  • Learn the basics of shoe design before mastering it.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge, tools, and scope.
  • Sketch shoe design with CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, ICad3D+, ShoesMaster, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Vector.
  • Source digital patterns, material, and shoe components.
  • Learn from Any platform, Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

Q3: How can I put my logo on my shoes?

There are several options for putting your logo on your sneakers. The easiest way to put the logo on your shoes is to contact a product sourcing agent like Ningqu. They’ll put the logo professionally on your shoes.

What’s Next

The DEMAND for unique, authentic footwear is at an all-time high. There is currently a huge demand for custom-made shoes, especially those made by hand. However, these items are often expensive and exclusive. Take the advantage of our expertise to get the best deal. Check them out today!

You won’t be let down by any of our top 7 Shoe manufacturers in Los Angeles. They offer not only fashionable options but also sell high-quality products at fair prices. Need help with your product sourcing? No Worries. Contact us immediately!!

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