Wholesale Snowboard Boots: Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our outspoken report about wholesale snowboard boots, covering their in-depth information. We know it is painful to lose your investment because you contacted the wrong supplier. Stop stressing anymore…

We provide you with a permanent solution after 10 years of working with global suppliers. Check out our HONEST review of 7 wholesale snowboard boots to purchase the BEST stock. There are some practical tips at the end of this GEM, to boost your wholesale boots business. So don’t forget to read it completely.

Wholesale Snowboard Boots Suppliers

When you’re diving into the world of snowboard boots, having the right suppliers is crucial. Let’s explore the top contenders:

1. Made-in-China.com

Made in China connects YOU with renowned snowboard brands. It is a department of high-quality accessories and products. What’s cool? This website has made international trade much easy. You can judge the credibility of global suppliers and manufacturers with the app. You choose from a million snowboard boot styles that fit your customers. Do you need urgent stock? Use their website filters and trace suppliers of snowboards near your LOCATION. Best of all… They have everything in stock, from kids’ snowboards to women’s clothing.


  • Compare the prices of different suppliers to SAVE the maximum budget.
  • Don’t need to spend hours looking for the best suppliers. Just apply filters and find one according to your requirements.
  • Trading resources for buyers and sellers help both businesses upgrade their sales.


  • Don’t give a 100% guarantee about any wholesaler. Do proper RND to save your money.
  • Sometimes suppliers deliver cheap quality products.

2. Sports Specialists Ltd

Sports specialists are your go-to choice for affordable snowboard boots. They cover a LARGE volume of snowboarding accessories for every gender. Outsource universal or unisex accessories to avoid losses. Sometimes women’s sales get hit, and sometimes men’s. Better to avoid this situation unless it’s a very specific accessory.

Good for you… It is one of the biggest sports departments with adjusted PRICES for new customers. You would never miss any sports stuff with their excessive merchandise. Get any CUSTOMIZED deal from them according to your requirements and budget. Partner with the industry leaders to grow in your focused categories.


  • 225 retail storefronts giving handsome trading resources to both suppliers and retailers. Never run off with your goods.
  • Centralized payment to secure your investment. There are no chances of scamming.


  • Portal is available only for members. Public is not allowed.

3. AliExpress

Aliexpress is one of the most price-competitive wholesalers, where you buy anything as low as $0.01. Something rare to find on another marketplace… Their snowboard collection is stiff, versatile, and available for any feet sizes. This marketplace has an efficient network to ship supplies to 200 countries. They have a vast shipping infrastructure, but free shipping is very slow. If you are dealing in high-profit items, then have paid shipping. It has a better delivery time than free shipping.

Sounds good? You apply coupons to get more COMPETITIVE deals. Aliexpress lets you shop peacefully with secured payment methods. There are a lot of women’s, men’s, and kids’ items you can buy without breaking the bank.


  • Buyer protection to save your payment. Indeed a stress-free shopping for you.
  • Customer service is available 24/7. There would be no hassle in your dealing.
  • Easy shopping in your own language with the availability of 12 languages. No need to waste your money on hiring a translator.


  • There may be quality differences in their items.

4. The House.com

The House.com has hot-selling merchandise of snowboard boots available at sale prices. Their LOW prices are the most significant thing THAT YOU must consider. The skateboarding you shop from them has high durability and efficiency. Workable for hours without causing any hurdles. Great: House has a handy snowboard boot collection that fits comfortably to any feet size. You save up to 40% of your budget as they offer competitive market prices. Believe in the house services and… Sell your customers great product categories such as snowboard boots, riders, stiff skate sets, and clothing.


  • Global shipping through USPS, which delivers your production in less time. Get your goods in a few business days and start selling in a month.
  • Exclusive shipping to PO box to ensure your satisfaction. Get your order at your location.
  • Remain secure with their SSL payment methods. Never be at risk of losing your money.


  • You have to pay the total amount when confirming an order.

5. Freeport

Freeport is Taiwan based wholesale snowboard with exclusive supply. Their goal is to provide long-lasting outdoor playing items to retailers and suppliers. Use their LOW-PRICES for skateboard bindings, brakes, riders, snowboards, and other sports-related products. In my experience, you should outsource low-price accessories in bulk. Also, outsource them through sea shipping and a few weeks earlier in the season. You get your items on time and at very low shipping costs too. The manufacturing process at Freeport uses the LATEST technology to reduce costs. This can help you to save your budget.

Any hidden treasure… It offers YOU a high lead time and has a 42000 square meter production facility for urgent orders. Best: Their customer service team will also provide 24/7 updates.


  • Fast production of handy products to deliver urgent goods. Get your delivery in a few business days.
  • Quality control to provide YOU with excellent and high-quality production
  • Technical and professional support to solve your business-related problems, along with samples to test every product


  • Only availability of winter products. No other sports gadgets.

6. Fair

Fair is growing as one of the leading wholesalers in the new retail industry. They help you remain SECURE through helpful policies. They have everything you have been looking for, especially for women. Your customers love their DURABLE snowboards that are comfortable for toes and feet. You can add new variety to your store by exploring their product categories. Fair’s marketplace can help you reach hundreds of thousands of customers. Appreciating: It connects buyers and sellers worldwide and offers snowboards that can cope with rough terrain. Become a member today and discover 85000 brands. Get the best snowboarding experience for your customers and BUILD your business reputation.


  • The payment method is secure. Make your purchase with confidence.
  • Variety of merchandise to offer unique and excellent products to your customers. Always be ahead of the game.
  • 2 million connections to increase your sales. Widen your network of customers and increase brand awareness and get amazing results.


  • The price is slightly higher. Not a good option for wholesale buying.
  • You have to contact suppliers separately to see their products.

7. Moloy Sports

Moloy is the company to rely upon when looking for customer-focused snowboards. It is a hub of winter outdoor products that are specialized for all kinds of sports items. You can boost your business with their durable and fashionable boot collection. They are located in China, so are sure to offer You LOW PRICES due to low-cost Chinese production.

Huge offer? You can get all OEM or ODM services from them in a high turnaround time. They also offer free quotes to new clients. Share your requirements and get a quote from them. Do this with many suppliers and choose according to your budget. You could also negotiate the pricing if you want to outsource many times. You would NEVER worry about quality as they do quality control during manufacturing.


  • Production in different materials according to your customer’s requirements. So you can SELL according to market demands.
  • Private label services to increase your store value. Build your brand reputation with amazing printing.
  • Wholesale production at a low price according to your personal preference. Start your business whenever you want and never be worried about the budget.


  • They send samples only if you confirm the deal for mass production.

How do you start a boots business with little money?

Starting a boot business can be daunting, especially if you don’t have much money. But with creativity and resourcefulness, you can get your business off the ground. Here are some steps to get started:

Design Business Model

One of the first things you need to do is develop a clever business model. There are a few tips that you can follow to start a snowboard boot business at a low price.


After opting for the business model, you need to start sourcing your products. Here we can help you source MOST-DEMANDING PRODUCTS according to YOUR budget. Our team ensures product quality and sources your brand-new products. These are seasonal products, so better to start with small amounts in the first season. Later on, scale it gradually.

Little Upfront Resources

You can also start a dropshipping business, which requires little upfront investment. Another way to start a business with little money is to create a franchise. You get a franchise and operate it according to their terms and conditions in exchange for a small fee.


Whatever business model you choose, you must find ways to market it. Otherwise, your investment would never get the expected results. YOU sell your business at a low price using social media like Facebook or Instagram. Or connect with your potential customers there. Also, if you live in a good skiing area, place your billboards near them. Go to the nearest good mountain hike and place your posters and contact info. It won’t be as fruitful as you may think, but it still generates good sales.

FAQs about Wholesale Snowboard Boots

1. Where can I buy cheap snowboard boots online?

There are a few online retailers that you can check out. You find snowboarding boots and other gear at reasonable prices on Amazon and eBay. Try searching for “discount snowboard boots” or “snowboard boots on sale.” Be sure to read reviews before making a purchase, and check out the return policy in case you need to make a return.

2. Why are snowboard boots so expensive?

Snowboarding requires expensive equipment, which makes it durable for rough snow terrain. Keeping them comfortable for long periods requires high-quality, expensive fabrics. Third, they must provide practical support and traction so that skiing is as safe as possible.

3. Is buying and reselling shoes worth it?

Yes. It is the best business model if you don’t know enough about selling online. Some marketplaces offer you reselling, like eBay, Shopify, and you can earn $$$. You always put your effort into reselling products that have high market demand.

4. Do I need a license to sell boots?

Yes, you need a license and trade name registration to sell boots. You get both permits from the state of the government where your store is located.

Bottom Line

A wholesale snowboard is a risky product to invest your money in. Why? There are two reasons for it. First, it is a seasonal product, and second, it is an expensive product that is not for a general audience. But still, it has the potential to generate enough revenue. That requires a wealthy strategy and the ceremonial procession to jump in. Here we help you. Suppose you want to get sales on your snowboard business or want to start your store. Talk to our agent and get practical help to purchase the best goods in the market.

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