Searching for the BEST USA Sourcing agent can feel like a roller coaster ride. It’s not always a smooth journey, and it can drive anyone crazy.

As a fellow entrepreneur, my team has done the hard work for you and handpicked the TOP 50 USA Sourcing agents. Say goodbye to endless hours of research and make your sourcing process a breeze!

The BEST on this list? It’s no other than ningqu sourcing! This sourcing agent puts the needs of their customers FIRST. Plus, they ensure to connect you with the best manufacturers throughout the US. You source the BEST PRODUCTS while offering competitive prices! Ready to NAVIGATE the international market with ease? Continue reading!

Top 20 USA Sourcing agents

  1. Ningqu sourcing
    • Supplying Organic grains
    • Quality inspection and control
    • Supplying Conventional grains
    • Meet their individual requirements

    They put forth a lot of effort to work with each customer to meet their individual needs and goals to achieve success. They offer competitive pricing from some of the best manufacturers in the US. Never worry about a good sourcing strategy because we at Ningqu Sourcing, ensure to bring your business to the next level.

  2. Alghero Investments Inc.
    • Aluminum ingots
    • Zinc and aluminum sheets
    • Jatropha oil/seeds
    • Iron ore

    The finest option for a small company that values efficient supply chain management.

  3. Ancient Journeys
    • Deal in and sell top quality handmade precious jewelry
    • Quality inspection and control
    • They make lovely handmade Swarovski crystal precious jewelry
    • Handle valuable and also semi-precious stones
    • Offer in high-quality glass beads as well

    Direct connection to the supplier is a great option to reduce cost and this is what they provide to their customers.

  4. Fazaz Global Concepts
    • Integrated and internationally benchmark services
    • Have chosen areas of business
    • Inspiring confidence and trust
    • Strategic alliance and synergy partners
    • Have supply, delivery and management chains

    They examine the items that they obtain from reputable vendors and dealers using innovative machinery and technologies. With the support of their professionals, thorough research, machinery, and established divisions, they have constructed a strong foundation.

  5. Puppyh Worldwide Marketing
    • Sourcing of products internationally
    • Samples consolidation
    • Deal in a variety of quality vitamins and supplements
    • Product sourcing

    Lucrative option which takes care of your privacy and lets you work in the health industry quite seamlessly.

  6. GCBD Corp
    • Business matching opportunities
    • Foreign and Japanese firms on board
    • Business solutions collaborating

    Another sourcing agent that is excellent for big businesses. I highly recommend GCBD Corp If you’re looking to streamline your entire supply chain and get competitive pricing. With a great supplier network, they ensure quality inspections and have a mixed payment structure too.

  7. K & S Global Alliance, Inc.
    • Connecting buyers with sellers
    • Negotiating and order administration
    • Detailed outsourcing
    • Quality maintenance

    One of the leading outsourcing agents in the USA. They have incredible supply chain management in place.

  8. Jeron Group
    • Connect buyers with sellers
    • Agreement negotiating
    • Quality inspection and control
    • Detailed outsourcing

    Low sourcing agent cost is the best part of this sourcing company.

  9. Raines International Trade Agency
    • Product sourcing
    • Quality control
    • Collaboration of global trade facilitators
    • Direct dealing with suppliers/manufacturers/producers/buyers

    If you are looking for an entire process of sourcing service and supplier overseeing then consider them as they work from raw materials to ensure the delivery of quality products.

  10. Rocket LLC
    • PPE buyer intermediary
    • Business process outsourcing provider for innovative companies
    • Business to Business Solutions sourcing company

    Assist clients launch an efficient, scalable & profitable business. High end customer Support and deep understanding of supplier pricing structure makes it a favorite to be added on this list.

  11. Osphare LLC
    • Business Management Consultant
    • Negotiation
    • Quality Assurance
    • Connection with Quality Assurance
    • Product Development and Design

    Quality services in supply chain management, human resources, business development consultancy, lab testing, and a clear sourcing process are what they are best at.

  12. Ronnie Leblanc
    • Tysons Corner General Merchandise
    • Export agent sourcing services
    • Export assistance in manufacturing processes
    • Navigating suitable suppliers for custom needs
    • Export quality sourcing among different markets

    The things which will take your business to the next level.

  13. The Palcrim Group LLC
    • Selling, procurement and importing goods
    • Intelligent sourcing
    • Product source
    • Quality maintenance

    While working with them you will be getting into high quality products and there are no language barriers. They will meet your business needs and will also provide competitive pricing.

  14. World Energy International LLC
    • Mandate, export-import
    • Product source
    • Procurement source
    • Samples development
    • Negotiating and order administration
    • Product quality checks

    They are experts in dealing with foreign country sourcing processes and have been listed among one of the major players in the industry.

  15. Kris’es Wholesale Seafood Inc.
    • Product development
    • Sourcing agent
    • Supplier factory
    • Purchasing agent

    They help with product development and do pre shipment inspection; it is a 360 degrees sourcing company that makes it stand out among others.

  16. Hbh Santos Ltd
    • Buying Products Niche
    • Labor Hiring
    • Deep products sourcing

    Ideal for small businesses to get into the start to finish sourcing process.

  17. LGC
    • Detailed sourcing
    • Sourcing agent
    • Supplier factory
    • Purchasing agent
    • Factory audits

    LGC Life Science Tools is a life science tools business that develops high-growth application areas across the human healthcare and applied market sector.

  18. Alpha Resources
    • Human Resources
    • Risk Management
    • Agreement negotiating
    • Benefit Advisory Services
    • Risk mitigation service
    • Samples consolidation

    Their services allow you to concentrate on growth and opportunity while they save you time and reduce legal and financial risk.

  19. Foodguys
    • Transportation
    • Freight and logistics
    • Ingredient consulting
    • Ingredient sourcing for logistics companies

    They have a lot of expertise assisting small businesses in finding a reliable supplier for product ideas.

  20. HKS Global Resources Inc.

    The greatest alternative for new Amazon sellers or E-commerce businesses.

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Difference Between USA Sourcing Agents and Chinese Sourcing Agents

If we talk about the commission charges that usa sourcing company demand, it will range up to only 2 to 10%. In contrast, the Chinese sourcing company is known for demanding a bit of high commission charges. They require commissions up to 5 to 10% range. In addition, Chinese sourcing companies also help source the best products in no time. They provide complete verification of every formality with on-site audits. Wanna know who can be your trusted Chinese sourcing company? It’s Ningqu sourcing! My company has proved to be the best sourcing agent here as it provides its best services within reasonable charges.


What should I ask usa sourcing agent?

USA sourcing agent can help you find and evaluate potential suppliers and negotiate better prices and terms with those suppliers. They can also help you ensure that your supplier is reliable and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. When interviewing prospective buying agents, ask about their experience in the industry, their network of suppliers, and the services they offer. You should also ask for references from past clients.

How do you know if a usa sourcing agent is reliable and works for quality control?

When looking for a reliable USA sourcing company, it’s essential to do your research and ask for referrals from trusted sources. It’s also important to ask the agent about their experience in the industry and what kind of quality control measures they have in place. The best way to determine if an agent is reliable is to ask for references and contact them to get their feedback. It’s also a good idea to review the agent’s track record and make sure they have a good reputation in the industry. If you’re not sure where to start, contact the Association of International Purchasing Agents (AIPA) for a referral.

How do you pay a usa sourcing agent?

The simplest and most common way for a company to pay a sourcing agent is based on an agreed upon contract for services. The contract should stipulate all aspects of service to be provided, including when payment will be made, fees owed, applicable discounts, etc. Paying by advance invoicing is one way in which this can happen. In this case, the sourcing agent charges their fees upfront against an invoice issued immediately after provisional orders are placed. This process works well in cases where goods are going directly from abroad to a company warehouse or showroom to make room for additional inventory products from the same supplier without incurring storage costs in-between.

What does a sourcing agent do to ensure a smooth supply chain?

The sourcing agent facilitates negotiations with suppliers on behalf of companies by finding and securing contracts. Sourcing agents are responsible for sourcing parts, negotiating prices, analyzing tender documents, evaluating quantities, determining the availability of materials based on past experience or company policies, or even making decisions related to transportation needs or customs clearance times. The sourcing agent would be responsible for any deal-making needed once their work is done.

What are the best products in the USA?

  1. Agricultural products include corn, wheat, sugar beet, potato, and sunflower seed.
  2. Latex gloves.
  3. Clothing.
  4. Shoes.

Final thoughts

Asking the right questions can help you find a sourcing agent that is reliable and trustworthy. To see if they are qualified, ask them about their experience with manufacturing products in China or other countries. How often they travel to these places, what types of safety equipment they use when on-site (we recommend masks), and whether or not they provide any additional services like quality product control checks on finished goods before shipment. If your product needs special certifications for sale in North American markets, make sure this person understands all of those regulations so there will be no delays getting it approved by customs officials. Additionally, asking sources where their office is located makes sense because you want someone who lives close enough to visit your factory at least once per year. You also can Contact us for a quote request, Our competitive pricing means you’ll achieve better savings with us than other international services. You will need it for all your sourcing needs.

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