Top 70 Best China Sourcing Agents

Finding a GOOD China sourcing agent is like hunting a treasure buried THOUSANDS of years ago. Making THOUSANDS of business owners give up on their first try.

As a decade-long China sourcing agent, I want to change this.

What is the China Sourcing Agent in 2023?

Contacting a good sourcing partner shouldn’t take you OVER a day. So, I’ve tried over 20 China sourcing agents. And LISTED the top 70 in this article. You won’t have to waste time and money with FAKERS or scammers.

The best sourcing agent? It’s Ningqu. This company has STRICT quality control and deadlines. You’ll undoubtedly impress customers with top-quality suppliers and products.

Keep reading to improve your business FURTHER.

3 Types of China Sourcing Agents

A China sourcing agent is a SPECIALIST or Freelancer who assists foreign businesses in importing goods from China. They’re MORE THAN just personal purchasing assistants. Professional sourcing agents or companies not only find cheap products and high-quality suppliers but also GUARANTEE that the purchasing procedures are legal and sustainable for your supply chain.

Helping you CONTINUOUSLY import from China easily.

Hey there! I’m excited to tell you about what the best sourcing agent in China can do for your business:

  1. Sourcing AFFORDABLE products and suppliers
  2. Auditing existing suppliers
  3. Negotiating with manufacturers
  4. Goods Shipping and Logistics Management
  5. Provide guidance on market trends and designs
  6. Conduct visits to enterprises and perform quality control
  7. Minimize the risk of importing goods from China
  8. Supply Chain Management and Optimization
  9. Custom packaging/branding/private Label/white label Design
  10. Quality inspection for each package
  11. Product photo/video shooting service
  12. Sample consolidation services
  13. Amazon FBA Prep Service
  14. Order fulfillment For Shopify, Woocommerce dropshipping Sellers

Note: Sourcing agents can either be an ORGANIZATION or an individual.

China Sourcing Agent 1.0

This is the FIRST phase of China Sourcing agents. Before TECHNOLOGY became a crucial part of B2B transactions.

China Sourcing Agents 1.0 acted as the middleman between suppliers and stores. Similar to how they still do today. However, that’s pretty much where their roles ended. Just finding suppliers and translating between clients and manufacturers.

No logistics services, automated order fulfillment, or consolidation services. Sourcing agents 1.0 also didn’t offer specialized services like 1688 sourcing, amazon fba prep, dropshipping order fulfillment, and warehousing.

China Sourcing Agent 2.0

The ERA of Sourcing Agents 2.0 has Arrived.

They’re ideal for small and medium businesses who want to sell on eCommerce platforms. Such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Tiktok Influencers, Facebook, Instagram KOL, Youtube Creators, Etsy, Ebay Dropshippers, DTC Brand Companies, and Walmart or Amazon FBA Sellers.

Hello! Here are some of the real scenarios where china sourcing agent services 2.0 can be useful:

  1. Small businesses that want to expand their hot selling products on various e-commerce platforms and increase their profits.
  2. Influencers on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube who want to build their personal brand and create their own ecommerce business.
  3. Dropshipping sellers who want to find suitable agents to handle their daily order sourcing and shipping operations so that they can focus more on advertising and marketing to quickly expand their business and sales.
  4. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand companies want to develop more product lines and provide a wide range of product choices for their fans.

China Sourcing Agents 2.0 can take into account both offline and online sourcing methods. They will search for suppliers on various platforms like Alibaba,,, AliExpress, 1688, Taobao, DHgate, Banggood,, JD, Dewu (poizon app), Pinduoduo, and Temu. Along with 24/7 services and dedicated experts for your needs.

What Makes A Good Sourcing Agent?

  1. Business License The first thing for a good sourcing agent is their license. Like every business, you need to find a sourcing agent that is licensed. It means they have the legal jurisdiction to work as a sourcing company.
  2. Experience & Specialization Having an experienced licensed agent is also important. The more experienced they are, the faster and more secure the processes can proceed. Moreover, finding a sourcing agent that specializes in your domain is also important. Since they will be working on your selected product domain, you can expect timely services, high quality, and benefits negotiations.
  3. Testimonials Previous projects, partnerships, and recommendations are important elements too. Similar to finding any contractor, you can also search for a sourcing company based on their recommendations. This will allow you to find the ones that are functioning superbly in terms of client collaboration.
  4. Transparency A sourcing agent works as a medium of combination between you and your supplier. Therefore, you must find the ones that are fluent in the language of your chosen market.

Who Are Bad Sourcing Agents?

  1. Factory-Paid Sourcing Agents Say no to sourcing agents who claim to refer to a factory. They could be the paid sourcing agents of the factory. The sourcing agent might be more interested in his commission. He won’t care about finding quality products.
  2. China Sourcing Company With No License A license is mandatory to export or import industry products. Chinese sourcing companies have it.

We have researched and shortlisted the best 70 China sourcing companies:

  1. Ningqu Get the ULTIMATE sourcing experience with Ningqu. It’s the most trusted sourcing company in China. Especially for eCommerce integrations with platforms like Shopify, Amazon FBA, and eBay. You receive the best end-to-end solutions when importing high-quality products from China.
  2. Meeno Group Let Meeno Group be your trusted partner in Chinese sourcing. This company’s headquarters is in YIWU Market. A place FAMOUS for its capacity to supply products to small businesses worldwide.
  3. Imex Sourcing Services Take your business to the next level with Imex Sourcing Services. When it comes to sourcing instructions… Imex Sourcing provides excellent GUIDANCE on how to source from China effectively. Scale up your business faster than you expected.
  4. Sourcing Bro Sourcing made simple with Sourcing Bro. Tired of facing quality issues with the products in your eCommerce business? Sourcing Bro got you covered. Get TOP-QUALITY of products at unbeatable prices with this sourcing expert.

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