How to Choose Amazon Best Sellers

So, you’ve decided to step into the vast world of Amazon selling. Congratulations, you’ve chosen the right path to potential success! Amazon, the tech giant, has become the hub for online commerce, but it’s essential to understand how to choose the right products to ensure your success on the platform.

What Makes a Good Product?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of Amazon’s best sellers, let’s talk about what makes a product a good fit for the platform. You see, not every product will make you a fortune. To be considered a “good product,” it should:

Have a Competitive Price

Aim for a product priced between $21 and $200. This range attracts more buyers without breaking the bank.

Be Easy to Ship

Opt for products that are small, lightweight, and easy to ship. This minimizes shipping costs and logistics hassles.

Generate Sales

A good product should ideally have more than ten sales per day, showing its demand and potential.

Offer High Profit Margins

Aim for products with a minimum profit margin of 50-60% when sold at 2-3 times the cost.

Be Eligible for Express Shipping

Choose products that can be delivered quickly with express air shipping, as fast delivery can be a game-changer.

Have Fewer Reviews

Products with fewer than 150 reviews can still thrive on Amazon, as long as they meet other criteria.

Now, not all products in your listing might check all these boxes, and that’s okay. However, products that align with these criteria are more likely to succeed.

What to Avoid

While many products have potential, some should be avoided by Amazon sellers. These include:

Mechanical or High-Quality Standards

Products that require intricate maintenance or are fragile, like certain electronics, may not be suitable for new sellers.

Trademarked Products

Selling trademarked items like Disney merchandise can land you in legal trouble.

High-Volume Sales

Products sold in large volumes every day on Amazon may be too competitive for new sellers.

Sold in Large Retail Stores

If a product is available in major retail stores like Walmart, it’s tough for a small seller to compete.

Now, you know what to look for in a product and what to avoid. But how do you find these Amazon best sellers?

How to Look for Best Selling Products on Amazon?

Amazon itself provides a wealth of information to help you identify top-selling products. When considering a product, look at:

  1. Quality and Affordability: Choose products of superior quality that are still affordable.
  2. In-Demand Products: Select items that are not just inexpensive but also in-demand. Avoid products that are already oversaturated on the platform.
  3. Customer Behavior: Pay attention to the “Customers Also Bought” section to understand what complements the products buyers are already considering.

10 Best Selling Category on Amazon

To make money on Amazon, you need to pick the right category and products. Amazon has two types of sellers: those making money and those struggling. The key is in your product selection. Here are the top 10 best-selling categories on Amazon:

1. Toys and Games

Toys and games, including memory games, Lego kits, and card games, are consistently top sellers. With children being among the most frequent consumers, this category offers vast potential.

2. Electronic Accessories and Gadgets

Smart devices, electronic accessories, and gadgets are crucial in our daily lives. Selling products in this category can be highly profitable, and staying updated with the latest trends is essential.

3. Video Games

The gaming industry is booming. With evolving technology, players are spending more on gaming content, hardware, and accessories.

4. Camera & Photo Accessories

As photography and digital marketing grow, so does the demand for camera and photo accessories. People are looking for high-quality, affordable options in this category.

5. Books

Physical books continue to be in demand, even in the digital age. People still prefer hardcover books, making this category a steady source of revenue.

6. Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry

Fashion never goes out of style. Offering trendy and exclusive apparel, jewelry, and shoes can be a lucrative venture.


  1. How often does Amazon update its best sellers list? Amazon updates its best sellers list at least every hour, making it a dynamic source of information.
  2. Is it necessary for a product to have many reviews to become a best seller on Amazon? No, products with fewer than 150 reviews can still become best sellers if they meet other criteria.
  3. What are the key factors to consider when choosing a good product to sell on Amazon? Consider factors like price, shipping ease, demand, profit margins, eligibility for express shipping, and the number of reviews.
  4. Why should I avoid selling trademarked products on Amazon? Selling trademarked items can lead to legal issues, including potential lawsuits.
  5. What is the significance of the “Customers Also Bought” section on Amazon product pages? This section shows complementary products, helping sellers understand customer preferences and expand their product offerings.

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