How to Select a Good Chinese Distributor?

Background Check Matters

Before diving into business with a Chinese distributor, ensure you have a solid strategy in place. But it doesn’t stop there; conduct a thorough background check using Chinese sources.

A) Background Investigation

  • Company size
  • Local knowledge
  • Ownership history
  • Existing Chinese partnerships

B) Distribution Channels Assessment

  • Regional coverage
  • Outlet reach
  • Call frequencies
  • Domestic and global buyer connections

C) Support and Third-Party Input

  • Collaborate with third parties for market insights
  • Distributor’s promptness in answering queries

How to Find Distributors in China?

Exploring Diverse Options

Whether you’re in the food, auto, or any other industry, these strategies will help you uncover Chinese distributors.

  1. Trade Shows & Exhibitions
    • Showcase your products at trade fairs
    • Engage with potential partners face-to-face
  2. Third Parties
    • Employ experts for market analysis
    • List your products for Chinese distributors to discover
    • Attend trade fairs for quick exposure
  3. Searching Online
    • Utilize the power of the internet
    • Explore e-commerce platforms for reliable distributors
  4. Referrals
  5. Chambers of Commerce
    • Consult your Embassy in China
    • Tap into their network for credible distributor recommendations


  1. What Services Do Distributors Provide in the Chinese Market? Distributors purchase and resell products, handle imports, storage, and deliveries. They possess in-depth knowledge of Chinese consumers.
  2. What Are the Benefits of Hiring Chinese Distributors? Distributors offer expertise and access to a wide consumer base, making it easier to secure great prices and increase sales.
  3. What Do Distributors Do in the Supply Chain? They act as intermediaries, managing imports, storage, and product deliveries, connecting companies, manufacturers, and buyers.
  4. Are Wholesalers and Distributors the Same Thing? While similar, distributors are more involved in the supply chain, finding wholesalers to resell products, often working closely with retailers.
  5. Is It Easy to Find Distributors in China? Finding distributors in China is relatively easy, but ensure they’re genuine. Consider hiring an agent for a reliable distributor.

Final Thoughts

Distributors play a pivotal role in the Chinese market. To succeed, thorough market research is essential. Use the methods outlined above to discover the best distributor in China. Elevate your sales channels and expand your business quickly. Start your quest for the top Chinese distributors!

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