Unlock the Power of Multi-Channel Fulfillment for Amazon Sales

How to Boost Amazon FBA Sales with Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Amazon FBA: The Popularity Dilemma

When Amazon FBA reigns supreme, but profits lag behind, what’s the solution? We’re here to answer that.

Our Decade-Long Expertise

At Ningqu, our experts hold a decade of experience in securing the best fulfillment options, boosting sales, and increasing profits. The choice is yours.

The Allure of Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Every online seller dreams of expanding e-commerce sales and reaching a wider audience. However, managing multiple platforms can be a daunting task. Amazon’s answer? Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

Multi-Channel Fulfillment, also known as FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment, allows businesses to outsource their entire fulfillment process to Amazon.

Seamlessly Expanding Your Reach

With Multi-Channel Fulfillment, you can list your inventory on various platforms, like eBay and Shopify, while Amazon takes care of the order fulfillment, regardless of the source.

From Request to Delivery

When an order comes in, Amazon’s FBA fulfillment warehouse picks, packs, and ships it. Tracking information is sent to the buyer, and you can choose from various shipping options.

Why Choose Multi-Channel Fulfillment

1. Used Like New

Unable to list a new product on Amazon due to restrictions? Multi-Channel Fulfillment lets you list as “New” on other platforms, maximizing your profits and preventing inventory stagnation.

2. No Buy Box Hassles

When Amazon denies the Buy Box to certain sellers, it affects sales velocity. Listing on eBay through Multi-Channel Fulfillment can be your solution.

3. Moving Stagnant Inventory

Products that don’t move on Amazon can find a new lease of life on eBay. Diversify your sales channels and reduce inventory stagnation.

4. Ramping Up Top Sellers

If you have popular products and ample inventory, expand your sales by listing them on other e-commerce sites. Reach more customers and boost sales.

The Fulfillment Process Unveiled

Step 1: Sending All Products to Amazon

  • Upload your listings to Seller Central.
  • Choose which products Amazon fulfills.
  • Print labels provided by Amazon or use FBA Label Service.
  • Opt for Amazon’s discounted shipping or your carrier.

Step 2: Amazon’s Cataloging Magic

Step 3: Customers Place Orders

Amazon fulfills all orders made directly on its platform. User-submitted requests for non-Amazon sales are also covered. Prices are competitive, and Amazon Prime members enjoy shipping upgrades.

Step 4: Picking and Packing

Fulfillment by Amazon picks products from your inventory and packs them for delivery. High-speed sorting systems ensure efficient handling.

Step 5: Shipment by Amazon

Amazon ships products to customers via chosen methods. Tracking information is provided, and customer service is available for Amazon orders.

How to Get Started with Multi-Channel Fulfillment

To register for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for selling on Amazon.
  2. List your products on Amazon, choosing FBA as the shipping method.
  3. Convert your existing inventory to FBA.
  4. Select the products to ship to customers using the search bar.
  5. From the Actions menu, choose “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon.”
  6. Continue to create the shipment and select your shipping method.

Unlock Amazon’s FBA Potential with Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Amazon FBA Sourcing Made Easy

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