Shipping Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse

Shipping to Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse: Your Ultimate Guide

If you’ve just dipped your toes into the vast sea of e-commerce by sourcing products from Alibaba, you’re probably buzzing with excitement and a million questions. Among them, one common concern is the destination for shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment warehouse. Relax, we’ve got your back! Let’s dive into this intriguing world of logistics.

Unveiling the Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse Mystery

So, you’re in the early stages, and you haven’t created any product listings on Seller Central yet. How do you find out which Amazon fulfillment warehouse is the lucky one to receive your goods? It’s a common quandary, but we’ve got a solution!

Creating a Shipping Plan

First things first, you need to create a shipping plan on Amazon. It’s like sending out an invitation, and Amazon will RSVP with the destination details. Easy, right? But here’s the twist: you can’t choose your destination; Amazon does the honors. It’s all part of the game.

Shipping Plan Splits

Amazon might throw a curveball at you by splitting your shipment into multiple locations. Don’t worry; there’s an option to avoid this – but it comes with an extra cost.

Additional Resources

For those of you hungry for more knowledge, here are some resources that might be your guiding star:

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  • Amazon FBA Logistics Service: Discover the logistics side of Amazon FBA.
  • How to Keep Low Shipping Costs: Tips for cost-effective shipping to your Amazon customers.
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Shipping to Amazon (FBA): A detailed roadmap for your journey.
  • Finding a Suitable FBA Logistics Company in China: Unearth the best logistics partner for your Amazon selling adventure.

The Curious Case of Divided Shipments

As you venture further, you might wonder if it’s normal for your shipment to Amazon to be divided into three different destinations. Well, the answer is yes. It’s a setting that you can tweak, but don’t worry if it’s divided; Amazon’s got a plan!


In conclusion, navigating the maze of Amazon fulfillment warehouses might seem perplexing at first, but with the right plan and a bit of flexibility, you’ll get there. Amazon has your back, and so do we!

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