Amazon’s Best Sellers List: A Guide to Product Selection

Asides being a tech company, Amazon is the biggest online market platform on the globe. Amazon has, over the years, focused on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, consumer products, package delivery and logistics, digital streaming services, and mobile applications. The company’s exploit has helped provide solutions for user’s daily needs. Among the challenges solved by Amazon is providing an updated best sellers list, which offers direction for new and existing sellers on the best selling products on Amazon with high profitability. Amazon’s best-selling list is a compilation of a real-time selection of shoppers’ top products in each category, with updated changes made hourly. That means the items that are on this list will not always be their bestsellers, but they were at a particular point.

How to Choose Amazon Best Sellers

What Makes a Good Product?

To determine the best sellers on the Amazon platform, products are assigned numbers referred to as Amazon Best Sellers Rank. This is done to rank products according to the number of orders they receive.

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

An Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number that nearly every product in its multi-million product catalog is awarded once the item has had at least one sale. For that reason, the BSR is a good indicator of how well a product is currently selling on Amazon. The lower the product’s BSR, the better its sales. However, the BSR only applies to how a product sells in a particular category. In other words, products don’t have an overall BSR, comparing their sales to every other product on Amazon. But, since many products sell in multiple categories on Amazon, it is possible for an item to have more than one BSR. Particularly when you take into account that nearly every department and sub-category on Amazon has its own individual best sellers ranking system.

How are Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank calculated?

Although Amazon doesn’t reveal exactly how the Best Sellers Rank is calculated, there are a number of factors that contribute to it, including:

  1. Current and historic sales
  2. Product price changes and promotions
  3. Competitive products

The BSR reflects current sales trends, as well as historical sales volume, and is updated hourly. For example, if a product has ten units of sales in one hour but drops to only one unit sale the next, that doesn’t mean it will automatically drop down to a BSR that’s for products that only sell one per hour. Instead, the BSR algorithm will take into account both sales velocities.

What is the difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking?

One big thing that a lot of new sellers confuse when they first start selling on Amazon is the difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking. Your BSR is how well the product ranks based on sales, while the organic ranking is how well the product ranks for a given keyword.

How to Look for Best Selling Products on Amazon?

Amazon itself provides a significant amount of information and data on which product categories sell well. Therefore, before considering selling any product, one has to read through and analyze such data. From ship weight to popular categories to sturdiness to competition, there are numerous aspects to look into.

Pick Products That Are of Superior Quality and Yet Inexpensive

Apart from the Amazon seller fee, wholesale price, and shipping cost, you have to be conscious of the factors below to make sure that the products generate enough profits. Conventionally, products with these specifications are the best way to start:

  1. Products whose sale price range from $15 to $50 (but do not exceed $70)
  2. The cost has to be 30 – 35% of the targeted sale price
  3. Products that are not only inexpensive to ship but also are easy and lightweight
  4. Products that are not holiday-specific or seasonal
  5. Unbreakable and simple items that do not break during shipment
  6. Best quality and yet at a reasonable price than the competition
  7. Products that are not holiday-specific or seasonal

Choose Products That Are In-Demand

To create good amounts of sales and increase profitability, it is important to choose products that are not just inexpensive to ship and profitably priced but are likewise in-demand. Besides these, go for items that can be easily searched by potential shoppers.

Pay Attention to the “Customers Also Bought” Section

Undoubtedly, Amazon has the best strategies to make its products sell. Whenever customers check out their items from the cart, Amazon displays a section called – Customers who bought this also bought – wherein it showcases a few items that complement the ones that a buyer currently considers.

10 Best Selling Category on Amazon

If you want to make money selling on Amazon, it is very vital that you decide what category and products you want to sell. On Amazon, there are two groups of sellers, those that are making money and those who are struggling to drive a few sales. This is as a result of choosing an already saturated product or limited research efforts. A very important point that all e-commerce sellers should note is that the business is established by the products.

The e-commerce industry is evolving, and it’s harder to find the best-selling products on Amazon. This is because the best-selling list on the Amazon website is constantly updated at least every hour. However, we have come up with the top-selling items on Amazon by category to help you narrow down your search and relieve some research stress. The top 10 best selling category on Amazon include:

  1. Toys and games
  2. Electronic accessories and gadgets
  3. Video Games
  4. Camera & Photo Accessories
  5. Books
  6. Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry

Toys and games within this category include memory games, colorful toys, card games, inflatable lounge, wooden game kits, playsets, outdoor kits, Lego blocks, block games, and jigsaw puzzles. Toys and games are one of the categories of products on Amazon that has the tendency to generate huge sales.

Electronic accessories and gadgets include screen guard, printers, USB devices, memory card Bluetooth devices, headphones, power banks and chargers, cords, and cables for PCs, back cases, portable printers, and smart devices.

Video Games include Gaming accessories, game charge kits and docks, Sony PlayStation, gaming gift cards, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, wireless controllers, and game adapters.

Camera & Photo Accessories include Home security cameras, GoPro, Photo papers, Camera accessory kits, Instant click cameras, and Instant films.

Books include Suspense and thriller books, Fictional books, Comics, Children’s books, Biographies and memoirs, and Cookbooks, diet books, and recipe books.

Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry include Rhinestone jewelry pieces, Stylish shoes, and Exclusive apparel. The list of best-selling products on Amazon is incomplete if categories like clothing, jewelry, and shoes are not included. In fact, they are one of the reasons Amazon has had incredible revenue.


Selecting the right products to sell on Amazon is a crucial step in building a successful e-commerce business. Understanding Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank, recognizing the characteristics of good products, and conducting thorough research on in-demand products are all essential aspects of achieving success as an Amazon seller. By focusing on the top-selling categories, you can maximize your chances of finding profitable products and thriving in the competitive world of e-commerce.

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